Kelly Osbourne's Crazy Diet Secret Can't Be the Only Way She Stays Slim (VIDEO)

kelly osbourne Kelly Osbourne has a verifiably major weight loss success story to her name, having dropped about 60 pounds a while back and somehow managed to keep it off. You might think she owes her fit bod to having become more physically active? Maybe since her time on Dancing With the Stars?

Nope, apparently, it's much easier than continuing to dance her ass off (literally). Kelly reportedly has a nifty diet secret up her sleeve ...


According to, she makes sure the food she's eating is a different color than her plate. Uh ... huh. A "source" (so yeah, this may not be true!) shares:

Five months after Kelly started the plan the results are there for all to see. She thinks it's amazing -- she takes her plates everywhere. Unlike other fads, Kelly says this diet does help you lose weight and keep it off.

She takes her plates everywhere?? What?! Man, I'd love to see her, Patti Stanger, and any of those celebs who shill for NutriSystem or Jenny Craig eating out in public. Kelly would have her plates, Patti would have her Sensa shaker, and the diet-in-a-box stars would be saying "No thanks!" to a perfectly healthy and delicious gourmet salad and "yes" to their tiny pre-packaged Baked Chicken Parm or whatever. Ooookay!

Aside from the ridiculous idea that you should take different colored plates wherever you go (I mean ... if you're gonna bother, why not lug around a food scale?!), I guess it's not all that crazy. Visual "tricks" are definitely involved in adhering to healthy portion control. Of course, it also doesn't hurt to clue into your body's signals to know when you're almost full.

But if eating mac 'n' cheese off of a bright blue plate is one way Kelly O. is staying healthy -- because "color" me skeptical, but that sure as hell isn't all there is to it!! -- more power to her. There are tons of little tricks to stay on track, and perhaps Kelly's is an intuitive, natural, relatively easy one we could all stand to employ from time to time (like at holiday dinners!).

Would you try this trick? Do you agree there has to be more to her weight loss maintenance?



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