Doctor Who's Been to Heaven & Back Will Make You Believe It's the Real Deal (VIDEO)

heavenEben Alexander, Harvard neuroscientist who had a near-death experience a few years ago, is making the claim that heaven is, in fact, real. And it's got pink clouds, a high-cheek-boned woman, and millions of butterflies to boot.

We talked about Alexander the other day. You may recall. But if you don't, here's a bit of background: As a man of science -- and a successful one at that -- Alexander spent most of his life dismissing claims regarding things like heaven and out-of-body experiences, being more partial to logic. But when a very rare bacterial meningitis put him into a seven-day coma in 2008, he came out a changed man. Alexander is now convinced that there is life after death.

But just because some Harvard scientist says heaven exists, does that mean that we should believe it, too? Actually, maybe.


As you know, the world is split into two groups: People who believe in life after death, and people who don't. I tend to straddle the fence, but err more on the side of the latter group. But that doesn't mean I don't desperately want such a wonderful thing to exist. I mean, heaven, people! Life after death. A reason to not be so utterly, completely, debilitatingly terrified of dying!

Alexander claims that he "traveled through this heaven, surrounded by millions of butterflies," with a woman. And this woman gave him three messages: "You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever," "You have nothing to fear," and "There is nothing you can do wrong."  Sounds awesome. And that's not me being sarcastic.

So, is heaven real? Clearly, no one who's alive and walking around will ever know, as only the deceased are privy to that knowledge. But I like Alexander's story and case for there being one. As I said, it makes life seem less fleeting, and it's certainly comforting to those of us who have lost people we love. I lost my mother a few years ago, and often wonder if she's somewhere utopic and lovely, or if, well, she's just gone. I certainly hope the former.

I think at the end of the day, it's a choice. You can either take this super smart guy's near-death account and file it under "Yeah, okay" (sarcastic), or you can choose to believe it.

Even if you don't really believe it.

Let's get deep -- do you believe in heaven? Better yet, anyone out there with a near-death experience?


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