7 Sarah Palin Slim-Down Secrets We're Hopin' to See in Her New Fitness Book

sarahpalinGuess which politically-minded gal is looking like some kind of Skinny Minnie lately? Well, it's Sarah Palin, don'tcha know?! In fact, the 2008 Vice Presidential Nominee has lost so much weight recently you might mistake her for Angelina Jolie! (Hmm, can't remember which one has more kids.) Palin is so teeny-tiny folks have been worryin' about her wastin' away on account of Bristol's whole Dancing With the Stars debacle, but nope! Palin is gearin' up to be the next diet and exercise guru! That's right, Palin says her "family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline focusing on where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods." Gosh darn! Maybe she'll include her famous moose chili recipe! (No, I'm not kidding.) Says Palin, "We promise you: What we do works." Take that, obesity epidemic!


No word yet on when this soon-to-be bestseller is hitting the shelves, but I'm guessing some of those Palin family fitness secrets will look a little something like these ...

1. Fly-fishin' Middle Melters: Move from your core! Cast that line!

2. Snowblower Lunges: Great for the glutes!

3. Bear-huntin' Commando Crawls: Stay low and go!

4. Russia-spottin' Chin-ups: Can you see it from here? No? Lift higher!

5. Drill-baby Squats: Drill, baby, drill! Drop, baby, drop!

6. Maverick Move-it Move-its: You'll like to move it, move it too!

7. Rogue Running: Go ... rogue!

What fitness secrets do you expect to read in Sarah Palin's new book?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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