Kristen Stewart Has a Sweaty Secret to Winning Back RPattz

Kristen StewartWhen you're in a relationship, it's easy to let yourself go. Not if you're Kristen Stewart, though. In an effort to win back boyfriend Robert Pattinson after the whole Rupert Sanders scandal, KStew has reportedly been hitting the gym. Channeling her inner yogini, the Twilight star is into bikram yoga and Rob's all like, "OMG look how hot Kristen's looking lately!"

A source tells Wetpaint that Kristen's new fitness plan is doing "wonders for Kristen's body and mind," and that even her skin is glowing. Well yeah, that will happen when you start giving your body the attention it deserves.

Good-looking legs and a boyfriend that's gaga over you? Shoot, maybe working out is what Kristen shoulda been doing all along. Because, you know, exercise is a much safer and loyal option than slinking around with your director, right?


OK OK, jabs aside, kudos to Kristen for picking up a healthy habit. What's important to take note of here is that getting active is providing Kristen with positive results aside from just a more-toned physical appearance.

Whether your poison is running, biking, or rock climbing, getting active has LOADS of added benefits. Sure it helps improve your skin, but getting your sweat on also reverses the negative effects of stress (which we all know Kristen's had a lot of lately) and lifts depression. Plus, it's a whole lot cheaper than seeing a psychologist. Cha-ching.

Could working out be the answer to all of this RPattz/KStew drama? I won't say it's the game-changer, but, well, there's no doubt in my mind that if she keeps it up, it will definitely keep her more balanced.

Do you work out regularly?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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