5 Surprising Ways You Could Be Wrecking Your Waistline

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open fridgeOkay, what gives? You made all the "healthy lifestyle" changes everybody says you're supposed to make: Stopped drinking a gallon-sized mocha with extra whipped cream every morning, gave up greasy burgers, started paying attention to portions. You're even taking the stairs instead of the elevator ... but you're STILL not losing weight! No fair!

Don't feel bad -- it's not your fault. The truth is, there are lots of surprising ways to sabotage your slim-down plan without even trying! And avoiding those pitfalls is super-simple once you know what they are. Are you ready to find out?

Here are 5 ways you could be derailing your diet every day:

1. Not eating enough fiber. You might compare nutrition labels and think, If a slice of white bread has the same amount of calories as a slice of wheat, why does going with the whole grain matter? Because whole grains not only make you feel full (for a longer time), they help speed along digestion and prevent bloating. 

2. Eating "low-fat" foods. Don't fall for the "low-fat" line -- when they take the fat out of foods, they replace it with such fillers as high fructose corn syrup and starch -- which sometimes ADD calories!

3. Drinking skim milk. That's right, skim milk is a scam! See, fats slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream, which reduces the amount that can be stored as fat. And guess what? Milk ain't exactly low-sugar. So skim milk can actually make you gain weight!

4. Eating food with chemicals. Need another reason to go organic?  The toxins in most food, including pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, and plastic pollutants, can actually disrupt the function of our hormonal system, resulting in everything from heart disease and diabetes to obesity, and high cholesterol.

5. Drinking diet soda. Basically a complete nutritional failure, diet soda contains artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols (another type of low-calorie sweetener) which throw the good bacteria in your gut for a loop, forcing them to "adapt in a way that interferes with your satiety signals and metabolism."

Scary stuff, right? Why didn't anybody say anything sooner?!

Does anything on this list surprise you?

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Shandi80 Shandi80

THANK YOU, Jaqueline Burt for this article! I've been telling people this stuff for a long time but no one wants to listen to me! :)

tuffy... tuffymama

Wanna lose weight and feel awesome? Go organic and cut out grains completely. Your body will absorb more nutrients from less food and you will automatically eat less about two months into it. Grains are inflammatory and cause you to feel hungry when you're not. They also make belly fat and wreck your hormones. Hell, go completely Paleo and eat grassfed, foraged and free range meat. We are almost Paleo and we love it. My kid looks like a little He-Man, and he's sharp as a tack.

I'm so glad someone else is spreading the word about skim milk. We drink raw, whole milk in this family, and we reap the nutritional rewards.

quinn007 quinn007

All organics are not created equal.  GMO's don't require labeling and a food can be labeled organic even if it contains modified organisms that are very detrimental.  Best way to avoid not knowing what is in the food you're eating-grow your own and what you can't grow get local where you can talk to the people raising the animals or crops and find out exactly what they use or don't use.  As added benfits, the food tastes so much better, many times is cheaper, and you're supporting your community!

butte... butterflyfreak

You go, tuffymama! We have recently started going the Paleo way and our bodies feel so much better for it. My husband has MS and has said that he feels better and healthier now than he has in YEARS! Not only that, he has lost 25 lbs in the last couple months and that is with NO change in physical activity, just from cutting out all the processed garbage and most grains. People don't realize this but the "food pyramid" that we have been basing our diets on was invented by the GRAIN GROWERS. That's why it says to eat the bulk of our food in grains. Do your own research, there are tons of websites out there that are showing that grains are what causes heart disease and diabetes, as they cause inflammation which is what actually starts you down the road to heart disease. Google "paleo diet" and you will be amazed at what people are saying!

Alycia Eggers

Actually heart disease is initiated by an excess of LDL cholesterol, in combination with a deficit of HDL cholesterol, which deposits in the vessels and THEN the inflammatory process begins, contributing to the formation of plaques in the vascular system. 

Not a comment on the diet being talked about or the benefits of eating healthy, but if heart disease is the issue you want to avoid, than forgoing the saturated and trans fats is the way to go. Also, there have been decades of research that show the cardioprotective benefits of whole grains. The key word being "whole." Another key word should be "moderation." Hopefully people who are cutting out whole grains or meats entirely for whatever reason are taking the appropriate supplements to keep giving the body the basics it needs. 

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