‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout’s Latest Drama Has Us Worried About Her Health

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Maci Bookout & Kyle KingTeen Mom star Maci Bookout is looking drop dead gorgeous lately. There, I said it. Her long red hair and beautiful bronzed tan have me a teensy bit jealous. Which is why these latest rumors that she's anorexic (again) are making me a little peeved. Girl, you're beautiful the way you are!

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports that Maci has allegedly stopped eating and sliding back into her unhealthy ways. Come ON. She was doing so great for a while, at least it seemed that way with how pretty darn happy she's been on Twitter since ending things with her on-and-off-again boyfriend, Kyle King.

It's just all a little weird to me because last time I checked, wasn't Maci trying to gain weight and start working out? This poor girl, she's got us and herself confused.

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We've all been there. Stressful times throw everything off, including your eating and workout schedules. Even if you want to stick to something legitimate, at one point or another some sort of pang of anxiety triggers a "I MUST HAVE ICE CREAM NOW" feeling, or the better alternative "I need to go run forever" desire. Because of this, body weight fluctuates. For the most part, I think as long as you have it under control, you're allowed to lose or gain a few pounds. Take the time you need to recover for yourself in whichever way you need.

In Maci's case, though, if it is getting to this non-eating stage, she needs to seek help. When you're a mom, there isn't always time to sit down and fatten up, as she needs to do. You're constantly on the go, and factor something stressful like a breakup into the mix, and instant diet.

What she needs is support. We all know that Maci has loads of awesome fans that support her, and her parents to go to when times are tough. Let's hope she talks this out soon, before it gets out of control.

Do you think Maci needs to gain a few pounds?


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Jenna Davila

yea she does, and not a few like 15 pounds at least!

leomo... leomomof2

Maci is very responsible and knows whatb she is doing. She will be fine. She doesn't need articles like this spreading rumors about her. Get a life.

MIA0223 MIA0223

Both her parents are pretty thin right?

This is probably just her body type. Gaining at all may be difficult and she shouldn't be picked apart for losing during a stressful time!

shesl... shesliketx

I think she is a bit on the thin side, but she is a very petite framed person. I hope she isn't anorexic, it is a personal hell. And if she is, the media needs to realize that not one instance tends to cause that

all4H... all4Him999

Acne+weight loss usually means coke head.

Amanda Gray Acosta

Coke head..really?! Give me a break. People like you are why rumors get started!

mommi... mommiequeen2

i have always thought maci was pretty even when she was 9mnts prego with bently. i hope she not doing the unhealthy thing, u can do it maci...TEAM MACI :)


baref... barefootmommi

She seems natraully petite. I think she could stand to gain a couple sure but I think most ppl look better with a little meat on their bones. Whatever the case I hope she keeps healthy. Occasionally maci comes across as a bit immature but she seems like an amazing mommy:)

Hannah Neuder

macy knows what shes doing shes an adult, shes a great mother. i just think that she could make a little better choices along the lines of taking care of herself if shes getting sick, and she needs to stop going back to all the x bfs she needs to start worring about bently and then men in and out of his life thats not good for either of them, the right guy will come along and if shes going to date any guy she sees she needs to keep them away from him for a few months until she knows that shes going to b with him for a long period of time


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