Photo of News Anchor's Fat-Shaming Bully Reveals He's a Bigger Jerk Than We Thought (VIDEO)

jennifer livingston wkbtIt was only a matter of time before people tracked down photos of WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston's fat-shaming bully Kenneth Krause and started commenting on his physical appearance. Because, really, where does the guy get off calling gorgeous Jennifer Livingston "obese" and accusing her of being a poor role model, especially to young girls? What's he look like -- a frickin' Olympian?!

Well ... apparently, yeah, according to one Facebook pic of Krause floating around, the guy's definitely fit. But that in no way, shape, or form excuses anything he said the first go 'round or the second time -- in which he proved he was unrepentant about his cruelty -- to the working mom of three.


It's one thing if Krause personally wants to be a gym rat, do triathlons, bench press 10,000 pounds, live on wheatgrass shots, or whatever. And it's also one thing if Krause personally has the genetic make-up to do those things and see visible results in the mirror and on the scale. But he clearly crossed the line when he attacked Livingston and made it clear he assumes everyone ought to be -- and COULD be -- just like him. When he made it apparent that he thinks other people can and should do what he does and look just like him. Hmmm. If we were talking about skin color or religion, the obvious word for someone who feels that way would be: Bigot.

Call him what you will, but Krause is obviously intolerant of anyone who hasn't adopted his fitness freak lifestyle. And it's totally deranged. It's like he can't wrap his thick skull around the idea that not only does overweight not necessarily mean unhealthy and that "fat and fit" isn't an oxymoron, but that every body is unique, people all have different kinds of health challenges.

You don't need to have been brainwashed by SlimQuick ads to know women lose and gain weight differently/more slowly than men. You shouldn't have to be an M.D. to realize there are a bevy of hormonal and other health challenges that hold up metabolic processes and cause weight gain or stall weight loss. Toxins -- not just high fat or simple carbs! -- in our diet can act as a roadblock to weight loss. Thanks to other environmental issues, many women have PCOS, which affects weight. And let me tell you -- suffering from hypothyroidism is no joke or something quickly fixed by Jenny Craig!

The bottom-line: Kenneth Krause may know what works for him to stay in shape, but he's clearly clueless about the big picture. He's not a certified nutritionist, physical trainer, or physician. He's a professional big mouth personal injury lawyer who obviously needs to keep his opinions to himself when it comes to anyone else's well-being or weight.

Thoughts on Kenneth Krause's appearance? Do you agree he has a bigoted perspective on weight?



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