Burn the Max Amount of Calories in the Least Amount of Time (20 Minutes!)

workout gearSo the truth is, I actually like to exercise. Somewhat. I mean, I'm not into working out as a form of self-punishment or anything, but I feel better, physically and mentally, when I get some form of regular exercise. Which is why I like it. But, I have next to no time for exercise, or at least that's what I thought. Because the opportunities I get to actually go to a class or spend a good solid hour at the gym are few and far between. So what's the point?

Well, as it turns out, there totally is a point to squeezing in short workouts whenever possible! According to research, just 20 minutes of exercise a day goes a long way, not only in terms of healthy weight maintenance but also in fighting off such major chronic diseases as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke.


Okay, I'm pretty much sold. Especially on these workouts, which pack lots of calorie-burning action into not a lot of time:

20 minutes of: Biking (15 mph)

Burns: 180 cal

20 minutes of: Jumping rope

Burns: 220 cal

20 minutes of: Hiking

Burns: 129 cal

20 minutes of: Swimming

Burns: 198 cal

20 minutes of: Vinyasa Yoga

Burns: 90 cal

20 minutes of: Tennis

Burns: 121 cal

Not bad, right? What else are you really gonna accomplish in 20 minutes?!

What's your favorite 20-minute workout?

Image via LollyKnit/Flickr


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