10 Easy Exercises Moms at Home Can Do After Baby

So you just had a baby and, if you're like me, you're wondering how your infant came out at a mere eight pounds rather than the 60 you'd expected. I mean, some of that weight had to be baby, right? Unfortunately (fortunately?) for most of us, we don't breastfeed those pesky 60 pounds away and leave the hospital in our size 4 short-shorts.

Which leaves us with a conundrum: how do we lose the baby weight when we barely have enough energy to pour a cup of coffee, let alone hit the gym for three hours a day?

Here are some simple workouts you can do to get back into shape after baby.


1) Baby Crunches - Put your feet under the couch, place Baby on your bended knees, and hold him as you slowly do crunches.

2) Baby Squats - Hold Baby in your arms and lean against the back of the wall, slowly lowering yourself down into the sitting position (or as low as you can go), then slowly rising back up, using the wall for support.

3) Downward Facing Baby - Lie Baby on his back and stand above him, hands on hips, legs spread to the sides. Slowly lower yourself until you can tickle Baby's tummy and hold it there for a couple of seconds before coming back up.

4) Line Test - While you're standing in line, buying diapers for Baby, slowly tighten your abs, pull in your gut, and keep your back straight. Shift your weight to one leg, tightening your muscles for a couple seconds. Then switch legs.

5) Baby Lift - As you sit on your floor, legs crossed and back straight, lift Baby up into the air over your head as high as you can while holding in your abdominal muscles.

6) Stroller Work - If Baby likes a good stroll (none of mine did), take him on a nice walk around the neighborhood. Work up to going faster and faster until you can jog.

7) The Hills - Find the hills in your area, put Baby into his stroller, and walk up the hills (even if they're tiny). It's a great easy cardio workout.

8) Pump Up the Jams - Throw some music on, grab Baby, and get your groove thang on. Doesn't matter if you dance like I do -- close the blinds and rock out. It's a great stress-buster, too!

9) Morning Squat Test - While you're getting ready for your day, pick an activity you'd normally do stationary (like brushing your hair) and do some squats to get your blood pumping and your butt toned!

10) Tooth Tone - While you're brushing your teeth or drying your hair in the mornings, work on standing on the balls of your feet, clenching your butt, and holding it there while you get ready to greet the day.

What other tips do you have for new moms who are trying to get back in shape after baby?


Image via dsearls/Flickr

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