JWoww Used Sex to Quit Smoking & It Just Might Work

jwowwRemember when JWoww was smoking cigs in pretty much every scene in Jersey Shore? She'd wake up in the morning, still half-drunk from a night of going hard at Karma, her eye makeup would be running down her face, and she'd light up right then and there in the hot Seaside sun? Yeah, well, don't expect to see any of that nasty behavior anymore, because Jenni has ditched everyone's least favorite habit: Smoking. (Unless of course you're a smoker, in which case it's probably your favorite habit.)

But that's not the big news. (Although, it is big news -- yay you, if you kicked the habit!) The big news is how she quit. Apparently, she focused all her energy on not having sex with new fiance, Roger, and that did the trick! Bwah?


When Roger was asked on Twitter how Jenni kicked the habit, he responded with: "She focused all her energy and spirit on not having sex with me that it took her mind and focus completely off cigs." Is that so? Innovative.

Roger was obviously just kidding when he gave this response, as the real way Jenni supposedly quit smoking was from the help of an electronic cigarette, but I'm sure Roger did have a say in things, as people who want other people to quit smoking are wont to do. And even though his tweet was just a joke, perhaps it'll incite other people to quit. By refraining from sex. Or ... something like that.

Glad to see that Jenni is serious about quitting smoking, and Roger's on board to support her. It really is a nasty habit. And, hey, he may have just inadvertently invented a new way to quit.

Have you ever smoked? How did you quit?

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