'16 & Pregnant' Star Ashley Salazar's Desperate Plea Could Get Her the Help She Needs

ashley salazarYou may know Ashley Salazar from her gripping, heart-wrenching storyline on MTV's 16 & Pregnant. After getting pregnant the first time she had sex, the troubled teen ended up giving her daughter, Callie, up for adoption to her aunt and uncle. Since doing so, it's been pretty rough for Ash, which is definitely understandable. Even worse ... it doesn't seem like the teen mom is seeing much light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, despite living with her baby daddy Justin, she seems to be going through one of her darkest hours.

Ashley recently wrote on her blog "Bittersweet Blessing" that she "needs help" and feels like she is "missing something." In short, she seems to be suffering from depression.


She wrote:

I would love to have Callie running around here every day. I am scared, because this sadness is pushing itself onto something else such as my weight, insecurities, body image, stress, school, or anything else that I am 'unhappy about' every single day. I am scared because whatever the sadness pushes itself onto is affecting everyone around me and pushing them away. ... Please, help me. Pray for me. Anything. I want to be secure in myself and who I am.

Poor thing! Wow. My heart really goes out to her. It's worrisome to think she isn't taking this to a professional counselor or even reaching out to loved ones who can help, but ... then again, maybe blogging and reaching out to readers/fans online isn't the worst way to go.

Writing itself can be amazing therapy, and perhaps by putting her very personal struggles out there for others to read, she might be able to make a connection with someone who can help her cope. Plus, by acknowledging that she's facing uncontrollable sadness, and that it's overtaking various, integral parts of her life, she's taking the first step toward healing. All too often, people who are suffering from depression can't admit it, but it definitely sounds like Ashley knows she is. Here's hoping her cry for help brings her the support she needs. 

Do you think Ashley's doing the right thing by going public with her emotional challenges?


Image via MTV

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