If You Really Want to Lose Weight, You Need Skinny Friends

bikiniEvery day, there's a new diet out there, a latest and greatest way to lose weight. Eat no carbs! Eat only carbs! Eat anything you want for one minute a day! It's no wonder people are bigger than ever. In addition to everything being super-sized and laden with sugar, it's damn near impossible to adjust to one way of eating when "experts" are constantly telling people what they're doing is wrong. But this latest study -- even though it is something most of us have heard before -- makes more sense than any other piece of dieting advice out there.


Eat with skinny people. Yep, hang out with trimmer friends, and mimic their eating patterns -- or at least their portions.

New research from University of Birmingham (the British one) suggests that we're all subconsciously influenced by the eating patterns of others. And yes, we've heard this before -- but it makes complete and total sense. Aren't we subconsciously influenced -- even just a little bit -- when we spend a lot of time with others? In all aspects? I mean, husbands and wives like similar things. Sisters talk alike. Friends think the same things are funny. If you spend a lot of time eating with a person who skips dessert and appetizers, odds are you will, too.

And no, it's not totally reasonable to eat every meal, every day with your tiniest friend, but maybe go out to lunch with her, and ask her what she eats the rest of the day. Ridiculous? Perhaps. But so is not eating any bread after 3 p.m.

Also, dining with people who are smaller than you -- or asking them what they eat -- is an eye-opening experience, at the very least. We sometimes think of "naturally" skinny folk as people who can eat whatever they want all day and not gain a pound because they have a quick metabolism. Rarely the case. Naturally thin people may eat a cheeseburger and fries for lunch, but most likely, they'll eat something really dainty for dinner.

And even more likely, they didn't finish their fries.

Have you ever tried mimicking the eating habits of "a skinny person"?


Image via hulagal87/Flickr

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