Man With Rare, Life-Threatening Disease Heals His Own Broken Heart

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broken heartMending a metaphorical heart is hard enough -- but healing a beating human heart? No easy task. Particularly not in the case of 23-year-old Michael Crowe, whose ticker went from top-notch to toxic (literally) in just a matter of days.

The Nebraska student thought he had a plain old run-of-the-mill flu bug -- fever, chills, vomiting. After taking a blood sample, his doctor thought the same thing. Except bed rest and fluids didn't make Crowe's "bug" disappear; in fact, two days later his mother found him sitting on the couch "frozen" stiff as a statue but sweating profusely.

Crowe was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with acute myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle. The condition, which is uncommon but can be caused by a viral infection, is serious: Michael's heart was functioning at only 10 percent efficiency; his other organs were beginning to fail. Doctors told the family his only hope was a heart transplant -- but no heart was available. All they could do was hook him up to a machine which would take over his heart and lung functions and filter his blood while he waited for a donor heart.

As weeks passed, Crowe's condition grew rapidly worse. Finally, the "perfect" heart was found -- and then, in yet another cruel twist of fate, Michael developed blood poisoning, which meant he wouldn't survive transplant surgery.

That's when one of his doctors noticed that his blood pressure was rising. 

Somehow, the left side of his heart had repaired itself! And it gets better: After being switched to a machine that assisted only the right side of his heart for a few days, his entire heart was back to functioning normally!

Even Crowe's doctors are calling his recovery a "miracle." And while Crowe will have to take medications and follow a low-sodium diet for some time, an MRI showed no "permanent damage or scars."

Amazing, right?! Crowe's family chalks it up to the "power of prayer," along with "excellent medical care." What do you think?

Was Michael Crowe's incredible recovery a miracle?


Image via David Goehring/Flickr

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GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

Not even the smartest doctor in the world can tell you everything the human body is capable of. Please don't turn this wonderful story into something religious, it was something his body was able to do.

nonmember avatar Mike M

To answer the question at the end of the linked article about why events such as this only occur for some people and not others (there is no judgmental, almighty being that created us or that alters our lives at will so that's not the reason), it's because his soul wanted this to occur and there are other reasons for it to occur that are spiritually beneficial for humanity. Most people before reincarnating feel compelled to do things on their own rather than depend on spiritual interventions such as this so they can become more enlightened, but sometimes people (spirits) may be willing to or interested in having events such as this occur because of certain circumstances and outcomes that will lead towards the improvement of humanity rather than lead towards a greater amount of dependence. (If you ask God, Jesus, angels, etc. to do things for you are admitting that you are weak and powerless. Nobody is weak and powerless unless they choose to be. We all can have the control over our own destiny that we seek if we choose to be in control and put the effort into it rather than assuming that we are not in control and behave as though we are helpless victims.)

Flori... Floridamom96

So. Mike M, I guess my friend's 11 year old daughter wanted to die or just didn't have an important enough spiritual reason to live when the exact same thing happened to her? I appreciate that you're trying to make something good and important out of this, but you just come across as pompous and insensitive.

No one can explain all the mysteries of the human body or the soul. It is what it is. He lived and that's wonderful.

nonmember avatar Mike M

Floridamom96, I'd like to recommend you read books by Anthony Borgia (starting with "Life in the World Unseen" which can be found online at under "Downloads" > "Documents (PDF)") as well as Neale Donald Walsch's "Conversations with God" series of books. The blog is also a good source for spiritual knowledge (start with the "About" page). The more you know about the spiritual aspect of life the more you'll understand that life does not revolve around our wants and desires and instead the soul comes first (as with you I feel that things could and should be better than they are, but I'm just stating the way that things are). And since souls/spirits cannot die they rarely (if at all) have the fears about death that we have - as such death is not seen as something tragic but as the beginning of life as a more enlightened being. (Spirits typically refer to Heaven/the spirit world as "home" as that's where they prefer to be; it's where life is the most comfortable, pleasant, and enjoyable.)

tuffy... tuffymama

No, Mike M. No. Sometimes in life shit just happens. Not everything happens for a reason and not everything is supernatural. God gave us free will and we can pray for intervention, but saying that someone survives something that kills most people because their spirit wills it so, just trivializes every other life that ends because of it.

But I guess you don't care what I say, since you're a spirit. How else would you know what spooks and spirits "think?" Goober.

nonmember avatar Sebastian M.

Mike M. Compred to God we are weak and powerless. We do not die because our spirit wills it. We die when our Heavenly Father calls us. I have had a lot die and saying that they willed to die hurts

marygj marygj

I want to say he is lucky.

Urdika Urdika

Floridamom96 said it perfectly

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