10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Lose a Few Pounds

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Losing weight is one of those things that tends to sit in the back of our minds, taunting us - if we lost those extra five (okay, 10) pounds, we could wear those old jeans, and that shirt would look SO much better on us! Besides, being a healthy weight is important to so many aspects of our well-being - emotional AND physical.

So how do we do it? How do we set out to lose those pesky pounds? It's so hard to do it one gigantic life-changing chunk at a time - and try to take drastic measures like cutting out ALL snacks and refined sugars. Diets like that just set us up for failure.

Here are some quick and easy ways to get started down a weight loss path.

1) Park far away from the store. Sure, there's a ton of parking RIGHT THERE at the front, but parking in back is a sure way to get a little exercise without having to go to the gym.

2) Take the stairs when possible. Notice I didn't say "always," because if I'd said that, it would be a harder pill to swallow. Sometimes it's impractical, sometimes impossible, but it's a good habit to get into at least some of the time.

3) Snack more. I know, it seems to be contrary to the whole "eat less, exercise more" mentality, but snacking keeps your metabolism going and means you eat less during meals.

4) Indulge. Make one day a week - if you're doing the eat better plan, which is always my favorite one - a splurge day. Don't go hog-wild, but do savor the tastes of your favorite and forbidden foods.

5) Keep a food journal with you at all times and write down what you're eating, the times of day, and the total calories per day. This can help you to figure out where you're struggling - is it with overeating during dinner? Extra snacks?

6) Use smaller plates to eat from. If you fill a smaller plate full, it will help you to eat smaller portions.

7) Get rid of all your bigger-sized clothes that don't fit. Keeping them only gives you the ability to say, "sure, why not have some more ice cream?"

8) Grab a weight loss buddy as motivation to keep going. It's an easy thing to check in once a day (or week) and see how you both are doing.

9) Keep your pair of skinny pants (or shirt) out in the open where you can see them each day. It's a good, easy inspiration to stay on track.

10) If you go out to eat, immediately ask for a to-go box and dump half your food into it so you're not tempted to become a member of the "clean plate club."

What other simple, easy weight loss tips can you offer?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Best way to lose belly weight: quit eating grains. Don't just cut gluten. Cut out all grains. We did it to cure my son's SPD and ASD. It worked for that, and weight is falling off me like crazy. DH lost his old daddy pot belly. Google wheat belly if you don't believe me. Know what a beer belly is? Wheat belly. Wheat, rice, oats, barley... It is all bad for your blood sugar, digestion, and skin.

Elise Anderson

Pretty sure if I quit eating grains I'd starve to death. LOL!   Honestly, the food journal was the best way to go for me. I set a calorie limit and kept track throughout the day. It makes it so much easier to know what to eat at any given meal or snack and still stay within a healthy calorie range. I lost 40lbs just doing that and walking more.


Adding veggies to each major meal really helped me. Spinach omelette for breakfast, adding greens and such to lunch... dinner is the easiest to vegger-size. It adds bulk so you have less room for other less healthy things. Eat what you eat, but have fun figuring out where to add at least one veggie.

Mary Renner

I cut my portions in 1/2 & stopped snacking for the most part. I also went down to 2 meals a day. Breakfast and dinner. I lost 41 lbs. in 5 months. (My husband gained what I lost because I was giving him my other 1/2 portion.)

cleig... cleigh717

Good advice! Tuffymama, I actually just decided to cut out grains and am currently reading wheat belly. Deleting grains would help tremendously. I just had a baby girl four months ago and I am still possessing that last fifteen lbs. So I'm getting rid of the grains to help me out. I have been vegan for yrs so I think that grains really is the culprit.

work4... work4mickey

Don't drink soda (even diet) & drink more water. Even if you don't lose weight, you'll feel better.

Bruic... Bruickson

I went on the "I'm too busy to eat diet". I do not suggest it! I finally finished losing the last 15 lbs I needed to lose but I feel like crap! My 3 yr old has lost her mind and keeps me on my toes all day. Terrible twos...Ha. She saved it all for 3 (she's lucky she's so freakin cute). Between my daughter's insanity and going back to work the weight just fell off. Sadly I know it will just come back as soon as life slows down. I'm really looking forward to doing this the healthy way!

Jespren Jespren

Whenever you feel hungry between meals (or designated snacks) drink a glass of water and wait 10 min before you decide to eat something. The initial 'I'm thirsty' signal is very similiar to the 'I'm hungry' signal, and a lot of filler eating and random hunger pains can be taken care of by some water.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

Take the bus and walk to and from the stop get off a few blocks away to get in more walking. Only eat out once a month and no more at all.
Cook your own meals to. They are bound to be way healthier. lol

that i my best advice walk everywhere you can and cook your own foods.

Stop eating between all meals.

cagelovr cagelovr

I like the last one about the to go box. I will try that one for sure. I think eating through out the day is good to, but only healthy snack like fruits and veggies. Keep them cut up and ready to go so it's easier to grab and go. You can keep nuts and dried fuit is small baggies ready to go too. :)

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