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Candi O'Connell

I find this poorly written "article" to be more depressing than the actual "epidemic". People are very quick to label things an epidemic. Are we a fat, unhealthy nation? Yes.
Because they've been putting CRAP in our food for years. Additives meant to feel and taste like food but that have no nutritional value whatsoever. Foods that are cheap and available on-the-go are terrible yet they are the only options many people have. People will start eating more fruits and veggies when it's made trendy. When we see fruits and veggies on Mc Donald's commercials instead of greasy fries, burgers and sugary sodays. One night while you're watching tv keep track of how many food commercials you see. Then make a note of how many of these food commercials were endorsing anything ACTUALLY healthy foods. Meaning minimally processed, WHOLE foods. When was the last time you saw an advert for apples or green peppers? As delicious as you know they are, aren't we more apt to eat them if society is telling us we should?
Also the suggestion that the foods shown above are all fat people consume is false and absolutely insulting. I am a fat woman (let the trolling commence!) and believe it or not I eat healthier than at least 80% of the people I know. Many heavy people I know are actually much healthier eaters than anybody would ever guess.

Celebriän Lessien Súrion Aldaríon

what this tard didn't mention is that it also costs less to eat unhealthy then it does to eat healthy, if they made the healthy food cheaper then we wouldn't have a weight problem in america

Tiffany Lynn Shannon

Just saying in a class I'm taking I learned that the rate hasn't risen more the 5% in the last 50 years just clothes are made smaller but with a bigger size on the tag, the bmi is a bs invention that doesn't take enough information in to account to be accurate, and with the social media the way it is we don't look at ourselves the right way; the truth is America isn't getting all that fatter just way more judge mental. My bmi says Im overweight but I am healthy I walk and eat right, I'm only 140 lbs and that's after 3 kids.

Nicole Brown

what is the point of this "article"? Do you think "writing" this has inspired anyone to step on a treadmill? I like the stir, but it annoys me when self righteous "bloggers" use the forum to downgrade other people. What the hell do you care if someone eats a 8,000 calorie cheeseburger? It does not affect your life in any way, and don't give me any of the, oh well I am paying for the health insurance B.S. it's not true. do the world a favor and keep your mouth shut. Yes I'm fat, and yes I eat healthy for the most part, but quite frankly it is no one else's business.

bubba258 bubba258

I'm not sure where you're shopping, for the price of 3 home delivered pizza and couple of bottles of coke I can buy enough fresh produce to feed my self, husband and 5 kids for three days, maybe 4!!!

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