This Is Why We're Fat, America (PHOTOS)

Fat stomachBiggest shocker of the week: If America's obesity trend continues at the rate it's going, obesity rates will be above 44 percent by 2030 in all 50 states. Half of our population, chubby. So big they're "obese!"

OK, so I'm guessing you're not really surprised. Heck, I thought that statistic was sort of low. We live in an economy where there are entire fairs around fatty foods, we actually have to BAN larger-than-life sodas, and something called the Funnel Bacakonator exists.

Thus, my friends, I present you with WHY America is heading toward 50 percent obese. Starting with how BIG they make clothes these days. I'm lookin' at you, XXXL

What do you think some of American's worst habits are?


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PonyC... PonyChaser

It pisses me off that they're still using the ridiculous BMI "measurement" to define obesity. You DO realize, don't you, that it doesn't take muscle mass into consideration? And that back when they started using it, people who were at a "healthy" weight on Monday were suddenly "obese" on Tuesday, because now they were being judged against BMI?

I agree that people are unhealthy. But I also have trouble believing that there are SOOO many more people than before BMI who are truly obese. Simply saying "gee, by THIS chart, you're obese" does not make it so.

eyesa... eyesablaze

"So big their obese" they're*

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

upside down yoga is supposed to be really hard... probably shouldn't knock it unless you've tried it.

nonmember avatar Rachel

I think obesity is becoming a bigger issue because we're continuously redefining what we think "average" is. While it seems like some female celebrities are too thin, chances are, they're average and healthy. People eat a lot more now than they used to and they also walk less often. So when we read about celebrities eating these minuscule meals, we think they aren't eating enough when, in reality, we're eating too much. We're also choosing less healthy options now because, well, they're delicious. Furthermore, because we see larger people as being "average" nowadays, companies have begun tailoring their products the new average. Clothes, for example, are victims of vanity sizing. A size 6 today is not the same as it was a decade ago. And, lastly, America has made it easy to be fat BECAUSE companies are tailoring everything to obese people. Even cars are becoming bigger and have larger seats to accommodate our fat behinds. My hubby speculates that if companies stopped making it easy for people to be fat, they'd start dieting. After all, when you have to search heaven and earth just to find a shirt in your size, a bell is bound to ring in your head. Or if your heart breaks when you see you're a size 12, not an 8.

the4m... the4mutts

I agree we have a health problem, but "fattie-no-friends"? Really?

the4m... the4mutts

Ponychaser- I agree with you 100%! They told my very thin s/o that he's obese, because he's 5'11, and weight 210lbs.

Hello little mrs doctor, but he has a 30 inch waist, huge leg muscles, a 36 inch shoulder span *all muscle* and only 1 inch of spare fat on his belly. The man probably has 8-9% body fat. He's also almost 40.

Yah, he's nowhere near obese. Not a single person that has eyes would ever call him anything but lean or trim or fit. Not even a little chubby.

So sorry BMI chart, I don't listen to you.

asaffell asaffell

Even as faulty as BMI is, we're so unhealthy as a nation. People need to really focus on what and how they eat and how active they are. Small changes are all it takes.

Angie Hayes

There were two girls infront of me at Victoria Secret, about 15 years old, and they were fatter then me and I am 27 with 2 kids... but they aren't the only ones. School was letting out the other day and I got stuck at a red light and almost every single one of those kids were FAT, not chunky but fat. Its an epidemic, wait... no, its fast food, thats where they were all going. Stop eating junk and pick up some fruits and veggies people!

nonmember avatar CrystalMP

Because here in America if we don't cater to it we're discriminating against it. Simple as that.

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