This Is Why We're Fat, America (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Sep 20, 2012 Healthy Living
This Is Why We're Fat, America (PHOTOS)

Fat stomachBiggest shocker of the week: If America's obesity trend continues at the rate it's going, obesity rates will be above 44 percent by 2030 in all 50 states. Half of our population, chubby. So big they're "obese!"

OK, so I'm guessing you're not really surprised. Heck, I thought that statistic was sort of low. We live in an economy where there are entire fairs around fatty foods, we actually have to BAN larger-than-life sodas, and something called the Funnel Bacakonator exists.

Thus, my friends, I present you with WHY America is heading toward 50 percent obese. Starting with how BIG they make clothes these days. I'm lookin' at you, XXXL

What do you think some of American's worst habits are?


Image via LauraLewis23/ Flickr

  • XXXL


    Image via voyages provence/ Flickr

    Remember when there just used to be things in XL? Today, we can find clothes in like XXXXL. FOUR 'X's. If you can show me something that comes with five, I'll be in shock.


  • Beer Milkshakes


    Image via Red Robin


    As if beer or ice cream didn't have enough calories of their own, a fast food chain decides to combine them into a seasonal (admittedly delicious) treat. Hello, ultimate fatty-no-friends dessert indulgence.

  • Upside-Down Yoga


    Yes, it exists. Only in here in the good 'ol US of A would we want to get into some sort of orange hammock, lay around, and try to call it exercise.

    The whole thing just reminds me of the Jetsons or even, Independence Day personally.

  • Fast Food Lasagna


    Image via EpicMealTime/ YouTube


    So there's this group of guys who have this YouTube show called Epic Meal Time. On the show, they put together crazy epic meals (surprise surprise) that are wickidly high in calories and nothing that any normal person would ever eat.

    Their fast food lasagna consisted of homemade meat sauce, 45 burgers from different fast food chains, barbecue sauce, and bacon and cheese for layering.

    Something wacky tells me that they don't make fast food lasagnas in China.

  • Heart Attack Grill


    Image via ayesamson/ Flickr

    There is a restaurant in America where burgers are more than 8,000 calories. People have actually experienced heart attacks there! People who weigh more than 350 pounds EAT FOR FREE there.

    If this isn't where America's problem lies, I don't know where else.

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