Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Gym Class for Bizarre Behavior but She Isn’t the Worst Offender

We've been reading so much lately about Amanda Bynes and her fender benders, DUIs, hit-and-runs, smoking while drivingtalking to inanimate objects, and all of this other bizarro stuff that it's not too surprising that apparently Amanda brings her outlandish, spoiled behavior into the gym.

TMZ reports that Aman-duh was recently kicked out of spin class. A source claims the starlet began walking aimlessly around the class, and then took off her shirt to reveal "a tiny black strapless push up bra ... not a sports bra." And then the kicker! She picked up her purse and began applying makeup in the middle of class. Eventually the instructor got so peeved that she was tossed out.

Who the hell needs lipstick and eyeliner in the middle of a spin class?! I guess we should be grateful she was on a spin bike and not in a car. But Amanda isn't the only one with egregious gym class etiquette. Here are six other annoying gym class types that should be shown the door along with Amanda.


No boundaries bumpers. This is the person who gets about two feet from you in class and you spend the entire time trying not to bump into her. It doesn't matter if you move up, down, or away, there she is again, a couple of feet from you, threatening to send her Kettle ball into your face or her kickboxing leg into your ass.

Late blockers. This is the person who comes into class 20 minutes late when it's completely full but proceeds to get right in front of you, blocking your view of the instructor and the mirror.

That's my placers. Some people seem to think their spot in class is engraved in gold. God forbid you get in their spot -- probably because they're late -- they can't go find another spot, and they get right next to you, forcing you to move.

Tacky talkies. These people chat all through class making it difficult to hear the instructor or concentrate on the music.

Phone-home homies. These people get on their cell about 10 minutes before class is over and disrupt everyone with their personal drama. To wit: "Hey, class is almost over. Yeah, 10 more minutes. I told you, it's in the fridge! Well, why don't you look? Well, tell her I'll be home soon. Class is important! It's not over yet! And did you vacuum like I told you?!"

Competition crazies. These are the ones who seem to think prizes are given out after class for the one who burns the most calories. If you kick, they have to kick higher. If you punch, they have to punch better. And they stare at you the whole time with a gleam in the eye that says, You can't out-Zumba me!

What else do people do in gym classes that's annoying?


Image via CatieMagee/Flickr

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