Kinky '50 Shades of Grey' Workout Promises Buns of Anastasia Steele (VIDEO)

fifty shapes of grey workoutThere's no end in sight to the Fifty Shades of Grey branding madness. From makeup to lingerie to music, you can pretty much get just about anything you want in a Christian and Ana-inspired style. Now, that also includes your workout. Well, that is if you are a member of the fancypants Equinox gym in NYC, where top fitness instructor Kristen James teaches a Fifty Shades-inspired workout class called "Fifty SHAPES of Grey." Ha ha. But, get this -- it doesn't seem cheesy or gimmicky at all!

James (no relation to E.L.) designed the workout with exercises like the "bend-over-better," "sexy scissors," and "seductive squat" to help women actually work on flexibility, stability, and toning that will translate into hotter moves in the bedroom. Specifically, the same exact moves that Christian and Ana explored in the book! HOT!

And, oooh yeah, Katie Couric captured one of James' class in progress ...


Color me super-impressed! This woman wasn't kidding around, you know? She actually went through the book to design the class! That's amazing. Because I'm certain some Fifty Shades fans actually had a particular sex scene in mind they'd like to to reenact with their partner, but they feel like maybe they couldn't pull it off in super-high stilettos a la Ana or they're not flexible enough to get it on in a confined space like their, ahem, car. But maybe by doing James's workout class, it would be a piece of cake!

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What's more, it sounds like a totally fun, current spin on a regular toning class. After all, we should be mixing it up at the gym and trying something new that could boost our energy (sexual and otherwise!). Thank you Kristen James for giving plenty of women a hot new reason to work up a sweat. There's definitely nothing wrong with that!

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