If You Believe in Fate You May Be Out of Luck With Your Health

warrior 2 poseSo, run few laps or throw a penny into a fountain? Eat right or wish upon a star? If you believe in luck -- good or bad -- chances are you don't believe in working out. That's according to a new study that reveals people who believe in luck or fate tend to live an unhealthier lifestyle.

On the other hand, people who believe they are Master of Their Own Destiny were more likely to eat right, exercise, not smoke, and avoid binge drinking. Interesting -- so are there folks out there who have just completely handed over responsibility for THEIR BODIES over to fate? Because fate does not deserve to have that much control over your life! Luck is awfully fickle when it comes to deciding who's healthy and who is not.


I get that there are plenty of things that aren't under our control. You get the genes you get. Maybe you come from a long line of stocky types. Or everyone in your family has asthma. I've got loads of diabetes in my family tree. And you don't get to choose who raises you, what they feed you, and where you grow up.

So if there are people out there who feel like the deck is stacked against them it's no wonder they feel a little out of control. But then add a belief in luck... This sure explains a lot about why we can have all the information on how to be healthy and still make self-destructive decisions.

If you believe you're just "unlucky" to have your body and your genes, maybe you believe that bad luck is stronger than anything else you can do?

But what if you're wrong? Like I said, I've got diabetes in my family -- and obesity, and both my parents are overweight. Bad genes? Well, for whatever reason I decided a long time ago that I had control over my own health. Somehow I got it into my head that if I just eat right and exercise I could escape all that... and so far I'm right! Maybe the real question is, what makes some of us believe more in a healthy lifestyle than in luck?

Which do you believe in more, the power of healthy habits or luck?


Image via lululemon athleta/Flickr

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