Kate Moss Has a Tummy! Kate Moss Has a Tummy!

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Kate MossNews. Flash. Kate Moss was lookin' fine on vacation with some friends of hers in Ibiza, Spain over the weekend flaunting around in a barely there black bikini bottom and Army green tank. The model looks so happy, so carefree, so ... HOLY WOW! Do you see what I see? Is that a TUMMY? GASP.

OK, it's not a big tummy, by any means. I'm just shocked that she's looking scarily average? And strangely happy. I mean, Kate Moss's sexy bod has made her millions. But from a healthy standpoint, it's most definitely refreshing to see her this way. Don't you agree?

I'll get the obvious out of the way and say that, who knows, maybe she could be pregnant. She and hubby Kills guitarist Jamie Hince were looking pretty smiley, after all. But ehhhh, I'm gonna go with a big no on this one.

In my eyes, I'm sure Kate is just having fun, living life, and stressing a little less about her figure and breathing a bit. The fact that she's hanging out in Ibiza instead of stressing out over at London Fashion Week says enough as it is. Sometimes, it's important to strike a balance between mental health and physical health. If you're so stressed about being uber-skinny all of the time, then you miss out. Life's about balance, both in terms of the calories you take in and the time you spend thinking about staying fit. I'm happy to see that (hopefully) Kate's understanding that.

Do you think Kate looks great, too?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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bona295 bona295

who is kate moss?

Melis... Melissa1508

Gasp.  A tummy.  Women love to see skinny women gain weight.  I guess it makes life complete. Whatever.

nonmember avatar Megan

Glad to see it! Truly healthy bellies have a round muscular bulge like that, it means you have a strong diaphragm and proper breathing technique (which is necessary for health and vitality). You never see it anymore :(

The 'flat' stomach phenomenon everyone is working so hard for is unhealthy; wreaks havoc on breathing and chest muscles, weakens diaphragm and is horrible for the pelvic floor.

bobek bobek

Oh WOW she had a grape for lunch!

linzemae linzemae

You should have chosen a different title. Yes she looks great but yo. Make it seem like a bad thing

elle7777 elle7777

Goodness. An almost 40 has 1/2 an ounce of fat?!

Really writing an article about it accomplishes the opposite of making it seem like a normal thing imo.

organ... organicyogalove

megan a flat stomach is NOT bad for the pelvic floor unless you have a prolapse of some sort. Your abdominals are directly connected to your pelvic floor muscles, you want your vagin to be up and in so the same goes for your stomach. the pouches we see walking around everyday, now that wreaks havoc on your pelvic floor. 

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