Snooki & the 'Jersey Shore' Girls Actually Have Some Smart Slim-Down Secrets

snooki jwoww sammiNow that MTV's Jersey Shore is ending for good (sniff?), we can finally take a step back and look at how the cast has "evolved" over the past few years. The ladies in particular seem to have gone through positive transformations. Remember the Snooki and JWOWW who would pound high-cal cocktails and junk food? No more!

Better yet, it doesn't seem as though they've permanently traded in those old bad habits for new bad habits -- like popping Zantrex-3 diet pills -- in an effort to "get skinny." Instead, they're opting for totally down-to-earth, healthier lifestyle changes


For instance, Snooki could totally be going off the deep end to reclaim her body post-baby, but her plan sounds totally reasonable! Snooki says she is going to start back on her diet of eating grilled chicken, vegetables, and going back to boot camp. Awesome!

JWoww focuses on menus packed with lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. And her totally grounded weight loss strategy? Cooking your own food five nights a week, which is pretty much the key to being the master of your own calorie, fat, sodium, etc. count destiny.

Sammi, who shed 15 pounds going into season two, says she cut back on carbs, but is also a big fan of emphasizing healthy whole foods -- like egg whites and chicken -- and portion control. Nice. And Deena Nicole .... well, she relied on pre-packaged meals from The Fresh Diet to slim down, which isn't exactly the best way to learn healthy habits and permanently reform your lifestyle, but I'm sure it offers results for women on the go!

It's truly heartening that as they've gotten more famous, none of the Shore ladies seem to be going to drastic measures to stay in shape. Crazy as it may seem, perhaps it's proof that in their own ways, they've gone from silly meatballs to ... wise and mature!?

Do you think the Jersey Shore girls have each gotten healthier in smart ways?


Image via MTV

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