5 Mysterious & Bizarre Symptoms Explained

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One of the upsides to being a nurse is that I can generally tell you WHY you feel a certain way. One of the downsides is that I can generally tell you WHY you feel a certain way, which is why I rarely mention my medical background to people who don't know me. After that one weird time on the train when someone wanted to show me their rash, I'm a little wary.

But you've got some weird symptoms going on, right? And maybe you're scared because you don't know what they mean and you're REALLY hoping you don't end up on an episode of House M.D. Here are some possible reasons for your your bizarre and inexplicable symptoms.

1) Your pee smells strange. There are a LOT of reasons why urine may smell different - the amount of liquid you've been drinking, the food you've ingested (coffee anyone?), or something more like a urinary tract infection. Easiest way to fix funky-smelling urine? Hydrate and see if the smell lessens. If it doesn't, check with your doctor.

2) Your legs cramp up weirdly at night. Mine do this a lot. Turns out? It's nothing serious - it's an electrolyte imbalance, meaning that you're dehydrated or lacking a certain mineral like potassium, calcium, or magnesium. Solution? Rub the cramp out, drink a big glass of water, and make sure you take a multivitamin.

3) Your body jerks you awake as you're falling asleep. This very odd symptom can really freak you out, unless you know what's going on and how harmless it is. These "sleep starts" are caused by misfiring of nerves while your body shifts from waking to sleeping. While it can scare you, these twitches are harmless, and last only a few seconds.

4) When you stand up from sitting or lying down, you feel dizzy and lightheaded. Generally, people with low blood pressure suffer from this condition, called "orthostatic hypotension," but it can also be caused by dehydration. The fix for this one is simple. Stand up slowly, and be extra careful when going from lying down to standing up. Also, to be on the safe side, drink a big ole glass of water.

5) You have white floaters in your eyes. Sometimes, when you're just minding your own business, you find that there are these tiny white specks floating through your line of vision for a couple of moments. While they're annoying, they're often just bits of tissue floating through the liquid inside of each eyeball. Luckily, the body will generally absorb them and they'll disappear on their own.

Have you experienced any of these bizarre symptoms? Do they alarm you?


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nonmember avatar Rosaline

OMGosh! I've had all of this symptoms more than once but not at the same times though. Just want to add something else that I finally found out yesterday. During my pregnancy, around the 16 or 17 weeks, the palms of my hands and the soles of my foot would feel like someone stuck them on fire that would last for about half and hour or so. It would flare up suddenly out of nowhere and really painful. And I would also feel really really itchy especially my limbs and belly area (crazy crazy want to rip my skin off itchy!). This lasted until I gave birth, then went away. My doctor told me I had a mild allergy to my baby and it's a rare autoimmune disease called Pemphigoid gestationis. It happens in 1 out of about 50,000 pregnancies. Yeah, I won the unlucky lottery. But my case was actually very mild compared to other unfortunate ladies. I was prescribed antihistamines and some steroid cream. It was strange and frightening because nobody else knew what was wrong with me. I thought I might have been going crazy with all the pregnancy hormones or something.

Now, I'm a bit (okay, I'm lying... A heck of a lot) worried because I want to have another baby (three years later) but I got this hanging over me. There is no cure and the chances of it happening again and more severe...not good for me.

the4m... the4mutts

These? Nah. I've never had a problem with these.

But some other random symptoms do crop up. Like, instead of white floaters in the eye, what about random patches in your vision that look like static on a tv? They go away fairly quickly, and seem to have to relation to dehydration or physical activity levels.

Or, breast cramps. They feel like that cramp you get in your side when you're running, but no running, and in the breast.

There are so many little things, its no suprise that you keep your medical background to yourself lol

You'd go crazy with all the questions

PonyC... PonyChaser

I prefer my childhood friends' explanation for #3 ('jumping' in your sleep)... your spirit had gone traveling (hence the dreams), and this "jerk" in your sleep was that spirit returning to your body. It was cool and creepy all at once... what if someone ELSE'S spirit settled in your body while yours was gone???

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

#4 & #5 combined happen to me a lot, only my vision gets blurry to almost completely black, not really any "floaters" it freaks me out like there is something wrong with me. I hope your theory is right, maybe I am just dehydrated, I rarely drink water, most days I only drink coffee (I know, not good) 

nonmember avatar kelticmama

While "floaters" are common and increasing ly so as you get older because the vitrious humor in your eyes gets thinner, if you see black floaters or it seems like there is a curtain or veil falling on your vision, or you see flashes of light, see your optometrist right away, as these are the warning signs for a detached retina which must be diagnosed and treated immediately unless you want to lose your vision. Better safe than sorry.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I hate those sleep jerks. I know exactly what they are and what causes them and all that yet they always seem to freak me out. It's like part of my brain thinks I've been jabbed by a demon or something and that's why I jolted awake even when most of my brain gets it. Sends my pulse racing, whole fight or flight thing going on.

nonmember avatar HS

Rosaline, I had the itchy body during pregnancy too. They did blood tests but couldn't find anything unusual. It was the most horrifying thing, itching under the skin and not being able to relieve it by scratching. Excruciating! I've experienced all of these, especially the dizzyness standing up. My vision will even black out. I drink coffee which makes my urine smell and I'm one of those people that asparagus makes my pee smell. I had no idea that not everybody's pee smells after eating it lol.

work4... work4mickey

note that many of these symptoms are caused by dehydration. DRINK MORE WATER!!!!

nonmember avatar TheSimpleTruth

The4mutts...the "static on tv" in the side of your vision is high blood pressure.

Carmen Martin

#2 sounds familiar to something that happens to me sometimes.  I'll lift my ankle up (like I'm wearing a high heeled shoe) and it will suddenly lock in place and pain will radiate up my calf.  It takes about ten seconds or so before my ankle will unlock and I can finally bring it down, and my calf will be sore for while.  This happen to anyone else?

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