Spice Girl Mel B.'s Topless Breast Cancer Campaign Is Hotter Than Pink Ribbons (PHOTO)

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mel b. topless for coppa feel campaignMy favorite Spice Girl hands down? "Scary Spice," aka Mel B. I admit, I got a bit of a girl crush on her well after the Spice Girls' heyday, when her fitness DVD became my go-to workout. She just has so much personality, attitude, and has never seemed to shy away from being herself. Hence why she's putting it all out there by going topless in a new breast cancer awareness campaign for the U.K. charity, CoppaFeel!, which aims to remind us all that, "Knowing your boobs could save your life." Too true!

The topless pic appears in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan UK, and features Mel with her hubby Stephen Belafonte "giving her a hand" with the shot -- a la Janet Jackson's 1993 Rolling Stone cover. And in the interview she reveals she "loves boobs" and "me and the other Spice Girls are always having a feel of each other's -- Geri came up behind me and grabbed mine the other day!" Ha, wow! But then goes on to explain the more serious reason she's involved in the campaign.

Mel shares:

I found a lump when I was 17 and freaked out. It turned out it was nothing but it terrified me. Ever since, I’ve always been one for checking, then double checking.

But as she and CoppaFeel! note, there's nothing wrong with being incredibly well-versed with how your breasts feel. It only makes it that much easier to know when there's a change that strikes you as off. Mel's such a fan of breast self-exam that she says:

I have three daughters and one stepdaughter so I’ll show them as they get older. My eldest, Phoenix, 13, does it already.

Love it! And yeah, although this campaign is very sensual -- and some are even calling it risque -- it's also brilliant. Because it's so bold -- and so not the same old pink ribbon campaign. And anything that can nab and keep our attention like this does, that encourages us to keep up with be more in tune with our bodies and be more comfortable "copping a feel" deserves a round of applause. Go, Mel B.!

How do you feel about Mel. B.'s topless pic? Do you do breast self-exams?

Image via Cosmo UK

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Joyce Stafford

I like the ad, and to answer your question no I don't. I should my paternal grandmother had a double mastectomy. I however did not inherit the family boob gene, while the rest of them are a C cup or larger my double A's don't really have anything to check. My doc is always yelling at me - but I just figured if I ever got a lump - I'd be able to see it!

femal... femaleMIKE

This ad seems to create more arousals then awareness of the cause.    No, I do not like the ad. It appears more sexual then educational.

Yes, i do my monthly exam. 

momma... mommaluvto5

and yet if a mom wants to nurse in public society can't handle it,

sunny... sunnytxmom

So true, mommaluvto5. Why is this acceptable but feeding a baby is offensive?

Leslie Johnson

I love it!!! As a breast cancer survivor, I believe all awareness is good. She is beautiful and she is with her husband in this photo. He is showing his support here this shouldn't be seen as dirty by anyone. Next they should do one with her behind him as men do also get breast cancer!

Brinda Atkins Russell

Disgraceful, there is nothing about this ad that will help women. Sexy is not for this canplain!

Rae Koch

I don't like it at all. I can't help but feel it just calls attention to her and not the women who have battled this horrible cancer. I don't think it shows them any respect at all.

nonmember avatar Youguysaredumb

Whatever, boobs are great.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Love it! It is a new approach and kudoes to her for being brave enough to do it. My mom and aunt died six months apart 2.5 years ago from this vicious disease. This is no different than a Victoria's Secret ad or a music video. KUDOS!!!

Cb Scarlett

This ad is working. Look at all the attention it is getting positive and negative. I am a 16 year breast cancer survivor. I know of some women whose significant others found their mass because they were familiar with their breast. Self breast cancer examinations are saving lives no matter who does it.

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