LeAnn Rimes May Be in Rehab for 'Bulimarexia'

leann rimesLeAnn Rimes' announcement that she was heading off to rehab came as no big surprise to anyone with eyeballs. You can see just by looking at the (former?) country singer that she clearly has been going through a rough time. Whether or not that rough time has to do with stress and anxiety (her story -- perhaps related to worries that husband Eddie Cibrian is cheating) or anorexia and bulimia (what other sources are saying) is up in the air. But a new story in good ol' Star Magazine claims to know the real reason LeAnn is in rehab: She's reportedly battling both eating disorders.

A waitress tells Star that she saw LeAnn only eat steamed peas in a restaurant, and after dinner she asserts, "I heard her throw up. She came out and cried, explaining she had to do it -- otherwise she couldn’t eat dessert with Eddie and still stay skinny." Uh, rrrright


Not really buying that she was lamenting about this to a complete stranger. But the idea that she might be bulimic and/or anorexic -- aka bulimarexic? Not actually that hard to believe ... LeAnn has looked PAINFULLY thin, as in skin-and-bones thin for a while now. Could be an indirect result of anxiety and stress ... or more. And being that she has denied having an eating disorder time and again, maybe the waitress's tale is a total lie. Who knows? Either way, she clearly has some mind-body issues to tend to right now.

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Sadly, tabloid-y stories like this one in Star aren't really doing anyone any good -- not LeAnn or the general public who are disturbed by and/or strangely fascinated with the health battles she's waging right now. We can only hope she gets the treatment she needs and gets well soon.

Do you buy Star's story at all?

Image via Amelie Mucci/Splash News

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