'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood's Secret to Losing Weight Is Jail

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amber portwood teen momWhile all the other original cast members of MTV's Teen Mom are moving on with their lives -- getting married, getting spin-off shows, getting back together with exes, etc. -- Amber Portwood is voluntarily serving out her five-year jail term in an Indiana penitentiary, instead of complying with the terms of her court-ordered drug program after violating her probation stemming from a December 2011 arrest for drug possession. And hey, it seems to be going well so far. You know how we can tell? She's lost 25 pounds!

Her mom, Tonya, reports that her first visit with her daughter "was emotional and filled with lots of hugs and tears, but she looks great and she's already done a complete 180 since being locked up. She's lost a lot of weight by staying active." Um. Good job!?

I'm not quite sure how I see one thing having ANYTHING to do with the other?! Any unremorseful drug addict with serious emotional and mental issues can "stay active," eat a regimented, non-junk diet (aka what Amber's likely eating, because she is IN JAIL), and slim down. Sure, it's a positive side effect of her being in prison, I suppose, but it's just incredible that her daughter's weight loss is what Tonya is touting. I mean, RLY?! How about hearing how she's gotten her act together mentally, emotionally, etc.?

Thankfully, she goes on to note ...

... even though the guards and inmates try to pick fights Amber is staying out of trouble and spending time each day writing a book about her life. Now instead of fighting and taking drugs, Amber is heavily into the jail choir and practices every day with them. She is loving it and hopes one day Leah will come and watch her perform.

Well, obviously, Tonya, your daughter can't cope by taking drugs, because, again, she is IN JAIL. But yes, these do sound like productive, significant, positive developments in Amber's life. So, let's focus more on this news and less on the completely trivial weight loss, please? Hearing that one of the most screwed-up Teen Mom stars is slimming down -- by being on a prison diet plan! -- isn't doing anyone any favors. Priorities, people!

What do you think Amber's focus should be on while she's in prison?


Image via MTV

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shann... shannipoo714

There's plenty of drugs to be had in jail, if she really wants them. I hope for her daughters sake she stays clean

Deann... Deanna2872

Actually, if she really is slimming down in jail, she may be getting in to a habit of working out more. Jail food is NOT free of 'junk'. It's often things like fried fish sandwiches, pulled pork BBQ, bologna, dehydrated eggs and stale tortillas with cheap velveeta style 'cheese product', sloppy joes, desserts of stale fruitcake, cookies, or whatever the inmates in the kitchen put together-

Rarely any fruit or veggies, except the possible fruit juice at breakfast (loaded with high fructose corn syrup), and sometimes a lettuce leaf on a fried sandwich, covered in mayo. No, you can't ask for a grilled substitute, without mayo...and you can't ask for a salad instead of the stale chips-

Jail isn't (and shouldn't be) a great experience/holiday. And sadly, most people GAIN weight in jail. And if you DON'T eat what they give you, you get the pleasure of being on suicide watch-

So- if she's really lost weight, there's a pretty good chance it really IS because she's become more active...

nonmember avatar David

Sounds like Deanna has done a Lil prison time. :)

nonmember avatar KC

Yes, there's a good idea. Bring little Leah to JAIL to watch her drug addict mom perform!

I think Leah would be better off if she never saw Amber again. Or at least until she's had her act together for a few years. Leah will either grow up to hate Amber, or have a VERY bad role model. "If mom did it, it's ok if I do it too."

If Amber could get her act together, maybe in a few years Leah should see her. But right now, Leah needs to be as far from her as possible. Jail is not supposed to be a "happy" thing.

Colleen Aymar Parks

She ahould be concentrating on behaving and planning what her future holds n getting her life together

Canpakes Canpakes

There's nothing wrong with trying to see a positive in something that's clearly a negative situation. Perhaps her mother is just happy that she is trying to fill her time doing positive things to improve her self rather than sit and stare at the walls, crying or being depressed. I would notice if my daughter lost 25 pounds and I would comment about it if someone asked how she was doing. Doesn't mean Tonya doesn't care about why her daughter is there or that she's not focused on what she should be doing, just means she is noticing things that maybe Amber cares about and she's showing support.

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