Super-Sized Soda Ban Is a Go but It Won’t Make Us Thinner

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sodaPop goes the super-sized soda pop: The NYC Board of Health approved Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban on sales of sugary drinks over 16 ounces at movie theatres, fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, concession stands, and just about everywhere else. (Interestingly, 7-Eleven is exempt because the chain doesn't receive letter grades from the Health Department, so the Big Gulp stays!)

Okay, so obviously the ban has its supporters, or it wouldn't be going into effect in six months. But it seems like most New Yorkers are against the big bust -- even non-soda drinkers are outraged on principle (Bloomberg, you are NOT the boss of me!). Personally, I don't think it matters either way. Because banning people from choosing a jumbo cola at the multiplex isn't going to make a dent in the obesity epidemic -- it's not even going to make people drink less soda!

Let's face it: If people want more soda, they're going to drink more soda -- even if they have to get up in the middle of a ball game or whatever else to buy another 16-oz. fix of high-fructose fizz, as opposed to slurping away uninterrupted at a 32-oz. beverage. What, is Bloomberg's next step going to be limiting the number of sodas one person is allowed to buy within a certain period of time? Will people have to show their driver's licenses when they order an extra-large root beer?

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Never mind the fact that there's a lot more to this whole obesity thing than soda. The stuff has been around for a loooooong time, remember? It just doesn't make sense. But I suppose for a "fat" cat like Bloomberg, making up inane rules is a lot easier than actually looking at the socioeconomic part of the obesity equation. Let them eat cake! (But just a small piece.)

Do you think the super-sized soda ban will do anything to make people lose weight?


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amber... amberdotsmom

I don't drink soda and I'm against this.  It sums up really well in what the health dept. offical said at a press conference - "Some people don't make healthy decisions" - you're right, we often don't but it's not the government's job to force the decision on us.  You could make the case that buying a candy bar in the AM and another in the PM isn't a healthy decision or that I should have parked 3 more spaces away from the door at the mall to get in those extra steps.  None of that affects your life, none of that truly contributes to obesity and most important none of that is your business.  Soda size doesn't affect me - Goverments size?  Now that affects me and it needs to go.

bills... billsfan1104

Where is Ms Sager? Diet Pepsi drinkers have to unite!!!

Todd Vrancic

First, several if not all, fast-food places now offer free refills.  Second, if you really want more than 16 ounces of soda (the size of a small soda at my local McDonald's), you will grouse, complain and moan, but you will buy more than one if you are carrying out.  It won't have an effect on obesity levels.

nonmember avatar Em

Can we think outside of ourselves for a second? Maybe this ban will help teach the next generation what actual portion size should be? Nobody, especially kids, needs to see 32 ounces of soda as ONE drink!

Anna Potts

diet sodas make you store and gain fat stupid people your body can not process the fake sugars

coral... coralstrr

How about taking the money we wasted on passing this bull crap and put it back into actually educating children what a portion size should be. If CT follows suit I'm moving out. I'm so sick of CT jumping on the band wagaon and passing the stupid laws that New York comes up with.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

How about we teach our own kids portion control? I don't blame anyone but myself if my kids eat unhealthy food. Do you remember self control? Another virtue we need to teach ourselves and our children. Trying to ban everyone from doing something rarely fixes any problem.

cleo015 cleo015

What about Starbucks? Can I no longer get a Venti Frappuccino? Still sugary, still bigger than 16oz.

ashhh... ashhhes16

No it wont hasn't anyone heard of FREE refills?! Gosh everyone seems to think its gonna help but it won't!!!

jessi... jessicasmom1

oh my soda here

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