Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers Commercial Is a Bigger Bust Than Her Chest (VIDEO)

You can't be blamed for being confused if you saw Jessica Simpson's first post-baby commerical for Weight Watchers. For one, we only see Jessica from the neck up. Did she lose any weight? Is she using the plan? Is this a commercial for a weight loss company or for Jessica's face? Who knows. Oh, hey, who cares! She's Jessica, friends! She's not a supermodel! So buy this stuff anyway, will ya?! Give me a huge heaping helping of gimmeabreak.


Says Jess in the commercial: "There's a lot of pressure to lose weight. But I'm not a supermodel. I'm just Jessica -- " (here she twists her mouth around to show she's a real gal, y'all) " -- trying to eat real food in the real world and I really just want to be healthy for my daughter."

Call me cynical, but "real food in the real world" means you go to your real grocery store, buy what's really on the shelves, and keep it healthy. It's simple, look: Ding Dongs, no. Broccoli, yes. Ho Hos, no. Fish, yes. Crazy, right?!

We all know Jess has been struggling to shed the 70 pounds that she was reportedly required to lose. Has she lost any weight on the plan? If so, why not say so, even if it's just five pounds? Why go into this whole "I'm a real girl" BS and try to distract everyone from the real issue, which is that this plan is selling weight loss and they can't show their spokeswoman's waist!

Can you imagine a commercial for a product where a woman says, "My tub has some stains in it and this product didn't get the stains out but, hey, I'm not Martha Stewart!"

Look, I don't really give an Oreo cookie whether or not Jess has lost her baby weight. And I do think there's waaaaay too much pressure on new moms to lose weight. But if you weren't able to lose the weight yet, then don't do a commercial for a weight loss plan. But, oh yeah, that Weight Watchers money is already in the bank.

Big mouth twist on Weight Watchers and anyone who buys into this nonsense.

What did you think of Jessica's Weight Watchers commercial?

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