Perez Hilton Reveals Shocking Method He Used to Drop 80 Pounds & Get His New Rock-Hard Bod

Perez HiltonPerez Hilton has done some pretty crappy things over the years -- you know, like tweeting to the masses an uncensored picture of Miley Cyrus's crotch when she was just 17 or calling Rumor Willis a "potato head." But for all the trash talking and going-for-the-jugular gossip he's done in his time, his post today deserves props even from his biggest haters.

Titled "Perez: Before & After" he shows himself for the first time ever shirtless and majorly overweight in 2005. The green hair doesn't help. Then when you scroll down, you see a picture of him today from NEWSical, the off-Broadway musical comedy in which he's playing Prince Harry. He's naked, as the prince was recently in Las Vegas, and ... he's ripped. He looks lean, strong, and he's sporting what appear to be some six-pack abs. In short -- Perez is looking damn good. 

He also revealed HOW he shed the pounds -- about 80 in all. His techniques were shocking to say the least.


We did it ALL naturally! The healthy way! The painful way! The slow and steady way! Over FIVE years! NO surgery! No drugs! No gimmicks! No shortcuts!

We started slow and built upon that. We changed the way we ate and we incorporated exercise in our life. The old-fashioned way sometimes really is the best!

Shocking, right? It's certainly not your typical Hollywood weight loss story.

I love that it wasn't something that happened overnight, some fad diet, or fly-by-night fast, or that we blinked and suddenly he was thin, as it so often seems in Hollywood. Instead it happened gradually -- so gradually it's shocking to see these pictures side-by-side. What an inspiration to all of those out there trying to do it the right way.

He talks about how he doesn't just look different but feels different too. "We are soooooo much happier! We radiate light!" he said. And it's true, he has been a nicer, kinder Perez in recent times. Andy Cohen even got him to (sorta) apologize to Sarah Jessica Parker. Who says people can't change?

Now if only we could get him to stop talking about himself in third person.

Does Perez Hilton's weight loss inspire you?


Image via greginhollywood/Flickr

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