CafeMoms Join Nicole Kidman to Stop Violence Against Women

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman speaks at the UN.

Today, Nicole Kidman presented 5 million signatures to the United Nations Secretary General to stop violence against women. Many of your names were included because you clicked to the UNIFEM Say NO to violence petition and signed. (If you missed my post earlier, click on over now; it's not too late.)

Cool, huh? I was at the U.N. in New York City (Me, Cafe Kristen, I couldn't believe it!) and sat less than 20 feet from Nicole Kidman. She looked amazing, totally perfect, and I loved her chic black dress and diamond earrings.


But fashion, of course, was not the point of this inspirational and amazing event. Leaders from around the world joined this afternoon on International Day to End Violence Against Women. They came together to make some noise against the horrible things that still happen to women worldwide. This movement, from UNIFEM, The UN Development Fund for Women, has raised $20 million to help women get psychological support and medical care everywhere from Bulgaria to Darfur.

I met so many interesting and important people during the reception before the event in the famous UN chamber. I stood with Lidia from Lidia's Italy, the elegant cooking show on PBS. I had appetizers with one of the keynote speakers, Monseigneur Hector Fabio Henao, who helps the 2 million displaced women in his home country, Columbia. Another woman there had escaped from Congo after her father forced her into polygamy, and she now helps other Congolese women.

Here's more I learned today:

  • 40 women are raped in the Congo every day.
  • A woman in Somalia was raped, then stoned to death by her own people because of 'adultry.'
  • And according to Nicole Kidman today, 1 in 3 girls will suffer from abuse or violence in her lifetime.

Here are my photos from the day. Notice another beautifully coiffed woman, Andrea Jung at the bottom in a gray suit. She's the CEO of Avon, and her company gave UNIFEM $1 million this year.

Nicole Kidman

UNIFEM Director, UN Secretary General & Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Avon CEO & Nicole Kidman

What do you think about events like this? Can we all work together to end violence against women?

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