Jennie Garth's Slammin' New Body Is Sweet Revenge (PHOTO)

jennie garth las vegas
Jennie poolside earlier this month.
Not only do celebs have magical powers to drop their baby weight overnight, but whenever they suffer a horrendous breakup or divorce, they seem to handle the stress by slimming down instead of blowing up. Some in a scary way -- look at poor Demi Moore -- but others, in an incredible, "OMG she's never looked better!" way. Jennie Garth totally falls into the latter category. It was just earlier this year that she suffered a sad split from hubby Peter Facinelli, but she's been seen out and about looking nothing short of AMAZING. 

Although some pics taken this summer made the West Bev alumna look a little like she was wasting away, these new shots prove she really is getting fitter -- not just thinner. The 40-year-old's been spied poolside in Vegas, flaunting a hot bikini body (see above) and heading out for morning runs, showing off killer washboard abs she's clearly worked for. You go, Kelly Taylor!


A friend of Jennie's actually told Us Weekly:

She looks like the old Jennie! When you get sad, you either overeat or you become really healthy. Jennie's taking care of herself -- she's taken control of her situation. Before, she used to be like, "OK, let's cover me up." And now she's feeling more openminded about having fun with her clothes. She's feeling good in her skin.

Awesome! Although, I beg to differ with Jennie's buddy here. There's a third fate when you're sad or stressed: Undereating or abusing your body as a way to prove you have control over at least that. And sadly, that seems to be the trap many of Jennie's Hollywood peers have fallen into upon a rough divorce ...

But it's really heartening to see that hasn't at all been the case for Jennie. That she's actually channeling any raw emotions into a tight fitness regimen, and her body image seems to be soaring, to boot! Take that, Dr. Cullen!! So happy for her. Hopefully, it's just the beginning of a happier, even healthier chapter of her life!

Are you impressed by how healthfully Jennie seems to be handling her divorce? How do you tend to handle sadness and stress?

Image via Palazzo/WomackPhotography/Splash

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