Jessica Simpson's Big Weight Loss Reveal Is Even Better Than Expected (VIDEO)

jessica simpson weight watchers adAnyone who expected Jessica Simpson to offer up a "big reveal" of a slimmed-down bod when she made her official public debut yesterday needs a reality check. The new mom isn't quite there yet, and there's no reason she should have to be. As she noted to Katie Couric, she sees Weight Watchers as a lifestyle, and she's taking her weight loss journey one day at a time. I can't think of how her perspective could be any healthier or admirable than that!

Although lots of weight loss companies wait 'til their celeb spokesperson has made it to their goal weight (or almost to), Jess's first Weight Watchers ad debuted yesterday, and I'm betting the down-to-earth tack she takes in it will really resonate with a lot of women. Check it out ... 


Aww, Jess! Some critics are already slamming the ad for not living up to expectations. They lament that it doesn't even showcase Jess's weight loss so far (even though she says, "It's working!" and it's clear from her appearance in NYC this week that it is) and for being a little too casual -- goofy faces and all. But I absolutely LOVE it for those reasons! How many times have we seen the same ol' "I lost 60/80/100+ pounds on this weight loss system -- LOOK AT ME!" ad? (I'm looking at you, Nutrisystem/Jenny Craig/even previous Weight Watchers campaigns.) On the other hand, how often do we get to see the celeb spokesperson admit that they're still in the midst of their journey? Hear them admit to being a work in progress while inviting others along for the ride? Not as often as I think we'd like.

Hearing how she's still very much plugging away at eating right, tracking, hitting the gym -- and yeah, it's taking her a while to get to her ultimate goal -- makes it seem much more doable and realistic for other women. I'm sure Weight Watchers chose her initially, because she is relatable -- her dreams, goals, and choices could very well be in tune with yours and mine -- and you can see that in this ad. She's not just another celeb mommy touting her obviously amazing post-baby body on a pedestal. She's a celeb mommy on the same page as many of us, putting in the work every day to see results. How can we not appreciate that? Go Jess!

How do you feel about her new WW ad? Did it live up to your expectations?

Image via WeightWatchers/YouTube

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