Jessica Simpson's Post-Baby Body Issues Make Her Even More Likeable

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Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson is struggling with her weight and I am happy about it. No, I’m not saying I’m glad to hear that she is unhappy with how she looks. But I AM thrilled to hear that a celebrity who gained a solid (aka normal) amount of weight during her pregnancy hasn't shed it in record time.

I can’t say I’m J. Simpson’s biggest fan, but I really respect her honesty when it comes to her weight and body image, and I always have.

Years ago I saw Jessica perform in a local radio station’s concert, and when she came out on stage, she told the audience her pants had split during rehearsal and laughed at herself. I decided I liked her. I remember watching Newlyweds later and thinking she was beautiful, in an unattainable, model kind of way.

But her body was never "skinny." It was normal.

She may not have been “average,” but she didn’t look like she was starving and she still rocked a bikini. I also remember being surprised to see that she seemed to not only eat regularly, but to enjoy food and the process of eating and sharing a meal.

Simpson’s pregnancy with daughter Maxwell Drew seemed to drag on forever, and the articles about her “excessive” weight gain ran rampant. So, she indulged while pregnant -- many women are guilty of the same crime. Girlfriend is only 5’3” -- that doesn’t leave much room for hiding extra pounds!

In a time when "Pregorexia" has, sadly, become a common term, Jessica Simpson has admitted to eating what she wanted and thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy. She proudly flaunted her baby belly, and why shouldn’t she? For most women, pregnancy is a happy, beautiful time, and many even say they felt their sexiest while expecting.

Jess seems to have the same carefree attitude about losing the weight. She even recently told People:

My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I'm just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé, and herself.

How refreshing! She even joined Weight Watchers!

Okay, yes, WW is paying her, but if Jess wants to keep the money, she really has to follow the rules and lose the weight. And even though she can afford, and has, a personal trainer, a trainer doesn't do the workouts for you. She’s putting in the time and effort to lose the weight, just like anyone else, and she’s doing it in a healthy way at a healthy pace.

It really gives me hope for new moms -- and all women -- to see celebs like Jessica, Jennifer Garner, and Hilary Duff who are not killing themselves to look perfect while pregnant and slim down immediately after. Sure, we all want to look fabulous at all times, but it’s unrealistic. And when you’re risking your own health and your child’s, is it really worth it?

Very few celebrities would admit to struggling to lose weight, but Jessica has, and I like her even more for it.

Do you find Jessica’s attitude about losing the baby weight refreshing? Are you tired of Hollywood’s skinny standards?

This article was written by Kristin Zimmermann.

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mompam mompam

Yes, I've always liked her.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I'm the same height and weight as Jessica. And like her I gained all of the weight during pregnancy, around 60 pounds. One year later I have lost exactly nothing and it's really starting to affect my mental health. I just want it gone. And seeing how people call her fat when we have the exact same body really isn't helping.

Courtney Puzzo

some people are forgetting Jessica also admitted to having Polyhydramnios during pregnancy which is why Maxwell was born via C-section 2 weeks prior to her due date. women on their first/first successful pregnancy on average gain about 50lbs when there's no complications involved and besides Jesica had also gained weight proor to conception planning her wedding. Joely Richardson gained about the same amount of weight with her daughter Daisy who was born March 16th 1992 but Daisy was also 11lbs 9oz at birth give her a break it took 9 months to gain the weight it's supposed to take at least that long to lose it and longer if she's still nursing

nonmember avatar guest

i like that she is doing it the safe way, not whatever crazy quick Beyonce way the others seem to follow. much healthier example for her daughter and fans.

Tripl... TripleC14

She has a trainer, someone to watch the baby while she works out, and mostly likely a cook. AND she doesn't have to worry about going back to work. What about that makes her relatable??

She is not remotely like the average mom. So no, I don't admire her attitude. Just sounds like an excuse to me. Rather, I admire the women who take advantage of all that help and put in the work.

Amanda Scott

I admire women who put their babies first and focus on adjusting to motherhood before worrying about their weight. It will come off, with or without help. It took nine months to put on, it should take as long or longer to get off.
I'm the same height and weight as Jessica. I had my baby one month before her. My weight hasn't budged after losing the first 20 lbs. It's hard. I'm just focusing on the fact that I'm lucky to have two beautiful babies.

nonmember avatar Pete

TripleC14 is bang on. She has time and money and help, more than most women can call on to help. Plus, she was paid MILLIONS to lose weight by weight watchers, and yet she still couldn't do it. Stop pretending she should be celebrated for being "relatable". She's a pampered celeb who doesn't reflect the experience that most women go through.

nonmember avatar Em

@TripleC14 AND she was paid $4 million by Weight Watchers even before the baby was born.

And why are we supposed to worship someone who probably ate all the junk food she could while pregnant? How is that healthy?
And she is such a good mom, she sold her baby's pictures to a magazine.
If she is an exemple for women I am really really really worried

nonmember avatar Jeannie

Afraid I disagree - I don't relate to her. She has the resources for a chef, nanny, personal trainers etc etc etc. If I had that, I imagine I could dump off the weight I gained on purpose so I could cash in on the endorsement my dad hooked me up with. Geez.

nonmember avatar Victoria

Csection by choice, excessive food indulgence, and rewarded monetarily for trying to shed this self indulgent and unhealthy behaviour- I am proud to say I have NOTHING in common with this girl.

I ate healthily, continued modest exercise while pregnant and let nature dictate they way in which I gave birth-always mindful that the choices I made affected not only my life, but more importantly the health of my unborn child. Not the paycheck from Weightwatchers!

Wake up America!

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