Bobby Brown's Newfound Sobriety Is Already Being Tested

Bobby Brown Alicia EtheredgeThe way Bobby Brown is telling it, his decision to leave rehab after just two weeks means nothing when it comes to his sobriety. Whitney Houston's ex-husband made it to his concert last night, just hours after new wife Alicia Etheredge suffered a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. He wanted to let the fans know that he's clean and sober after all.

Twenty-one days sober that is. Twenty-three if you consider the concert was Saturday. Bobby's also been off drugs -- so he says -- for more than seven years. But is any of this really proof that his rehab "worked?"


Let me make it clear: I am not wishing anything bad on Bobby. It's been a pretty crappy year for his family, especially for daughter Bobbi Kristina. It would be fantastic if two weeks in a facility would up and fix decades of alcohol abuse problems.

Fantastic. But unlikely.

Statistics show anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of alcoholics relapse. The numbers vary in large part based on the time that's passed since they first attempted to get sober. Not surprisingly, the less time that has passed the more likely you are to relapse. Men, in particular are more likely to relapse.

And the risks for Bobby don't stop there. Relapse for alcoholics is often triggered by moments of stress or anxiety, moments that are highly emotional, moments that remind one of their past behavior.

Bobby just had it all come right down on him in one weekend.

Here he is just a few weeks into sobriety, and he sees his wife collapse in a Florida hotel room. Alicia Etheredge is fortunately OK -- apparently the seizure condition was something she knew about previously -- but Bobby admitted on Twitter that the family could use prayers and support in this time of need. Let's call that risk number one, shall we?

And then there was this big concert, a reunion of New Edition, a return to his past, when Bobby was living large and using copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. That's clearly risk number two.

Each day that passes could put Bobby closer to that 30 day chip, or it could put him closer to falling off the wagon. It's a delicate balancing act. But Bobby will only have himself to blame if his measly two weeks in rehab didn't give him a good enough start to jump over these kind of sobriety tests. Even Teen Mom star Amber Portwood made it longer on the inside of a treatment facility than he did!

Bobby could go back to rehab and do more to get himself straight. The question is whether he can put aside his ego and really give himself over to the sobor path. 

From everything you know of Bobby Brown, do you see him getting clean and sober? What does he have to do to get there?


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