World's Oldest Woman Turns 116 & Reveals the Secret to Longevity

birthday cakeBesse Cooper, the world's oldest woman, astoundingly celebrated her birthday on Sunday -- and she had a whopping 116 candles to blow out. Just kidding. She didn't blow out that many candles. That would be dangerous. She just had three of those big number candles. But she did turn 116! And interestingly, she doesn't even live in one of those blue zones where everybody lives to 300 years old; she lives at a nursing home facility in Monroe, Georgia.

And, more interestingly, she revealed the secret to her longevity.


According to Besse, she's been around since 1896 for two reasons. She said: "I mind my own business. And I don't eat junk food."

And there you have it, guys. This adorable old lady is living proof that we have two choices in life: We can either eat fluorescent green Snow Cones and die early; or we can subsist on quinoa and wild caught Alaskan salmon and live well into our hundreds.

Or maybe not.

I actually think the fact that Besse "minds her own business" has more to do with her still being alive than her diet (though I'm sure that doesn't hurt). I'm taking that as meaning she doesn't get caught up other people's drama; she doesn't sweat the small stuff; she doesn't stress too much.

Think about how crappy you feel when you're stressed out. It's worse than being actually, physically sick (or it leads to being actually, physically sick). If we could all take a page from Besse's book and mind our own business, I bet we'd all live a lot longer, too.

Maybe not to 116, but a year or two longer than we would have.

Do you sweat the small stuff? If not, what's your secret?

Image via Will Clayton/Flickr

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