'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Uses Her Kid to Stay Thin (VIDEO)

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Farrah Abraham SophiaIs anyone really surprised that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham also makes money as a model? She's got the kind of mom body that most moms would kill for. And Farrah has got some news for the rest of the moms out there.

That toned tummy did not come from some genetics fairy. Even being a teenager when she gave birth was not enough to magically make her body snap back after baby Sophia came along. So Farrah has taken to doing what the rest of us have to do to keep the weight at bay: she works out. And from the looks of it, that may be her next adventure after this week's finale puts the end to her career on Teen Mom.

Farrah has uploaded the first of what she says will be several workout videos to YouTube. It's rumored that this is a tie-in to a possible workout DVD.

I know what you're thinking: what does some random reality star have to say about working out? The DVD section of your local dollar store is loaded down with enough failed celebrity workout sessions that they could probably start a whole new store.

And yet, I will give Farrah credit here.

In between writing a memoir, filming a TV show, and cooking up a new pasta sauce sales venture with her mom, Farrah is still doing the single mom thing every day. And yet she keeps herself in shape. As a married working mom who hasn't been able to keep my promises to walk several times a week this summer with my best friend because life got in the way, I know I could use a few pointers on carving out the time.

And Farrah's first "secret" -- given as an aside during a hip extension exercise how-to -- could work for a lot of moms. Stop trying to figure out how to get time away from your kids, and start figuring out how to incorporate them into your routine. Farrah lets Sophia "help" her. Take a look:

Not exactly groundbreaking, but as she says in the video's caption, "It's possible to work out with your child!"

Maybe it's time to mark that excuse off your list, Moms?

Have you tried working out with your child, incorporating them into your routine? Would you watch Farrah's workout videos?


Image via PAFarrahAbraham/YouTube

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elle7777 elle7777

I think part of her "secret" is being what? 19/20?

Shandi80 Shandi80

She will clearly stop at nothing to capitalize on getting pregnant as a teen. Makes me feel sorry for her child.

nonmember avatar Jasmine

i think farrah is a great mom and unfortunately haters are gonna hate.. mostly because they're jealous I'm sure!

nonmember avatar kaerae

"secret to staying thin?" Give me a break, the girl is 20! Anyway, half of all Americans are normal weight or thin, quit making it sound like it's as rare as an extra thumb or something! We're active and eat reasonably, it hasn't been a secret for a very long time.

nonmember avatar Corina

Glad she is continuing to do for herself and her baby. It doesn't make her bad it makes her smart. It would be dumb of her not to take advantage of a great opportunity. It seems no matter what someone will always be bitter with something negative to say. Let's give her props where deserved and be happy she is trying to do positive for her and her baby, she could be Iike some of the others on teen mom and leave her baby with her mom, do drugs and in after men while not giving her kid a second thought.

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