Plastic Surgery for a 'Prettier' Vagina Comes at a Dangerous Price

flowerWhen most of us think of a woman suffering from poor body image, we usually don't think of our vaginas being the target of those negative emotions. But a scary new trend shows a growing number of women feel like plastic surgery is the best way to feel better about their vajayjays that have been stretched by either aging and/or childbirth, and gynecologists, as you can imagine, are none too pleased by the fact that 2,140 women in the U.S. underwent "vaginal rejuvenation" last year.

The docs are positive the procedure has been precipitated by women getting a good media brainwashing about how our ladyparts are supposed to look like a porn star's no matter what! Not to mention that unless we go under the knife, we likely won't be having "good enough" sex. Ugh. And one of the scariest parts is that these procedures can cause serious complications.


Dr. Cheryl Iglesia, who published an editorial in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, argues that claims about the medical wonders of "vaginoplasties" have been largely exaggerated or, worse, totally unfounded. And there's potential for harm, like you could end up with ... "insensitivity of the clitoris." Aggghh! Seriously, who in their right mind would want to risk that?!

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It could be that these physicians simply don't understand what plastic surgeons are trying to offer women ... Maybe they'd be the same type to discourage a woman from getting a nose or boob job, but I'm not so sure. I tend to think they gynecologists are in the right here. Mostly because it's absolutely ridiculous for us to think our vaginas must be surgically "enhanced" after a certain age/number of kids. To think that we're not good enough the way we are ... and grow to be. And finally, to think that there aren't other, natural ways to "tighten" vaginal muscles, like Kegels or Ben Wa balls. Hellooo ... Have these women undergoing vaginal rejuvenation really exhausted other, natural, risk-free ways to get the same/similar effect? I would guess not.

Even if they have, is there really a need to go to the extreme of having a vaginoplasty?! It just sounds like a made-up, sci-fi-esque procedure perpetuated by jerks who prey on women's fears that they don't have a perfect vagina. Come on, ladies, don't fall for it. Know that you're beautiful just the way you are, and it's the knife-wielders who are the ones who need some "work done."

Could you ever imagine considering a procedure like this?


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