JWoww’s Lose Weight Fast Tips Could Work but We’re Skeptical

JWOWW losing weightJWoww looks good. Like really good. Like her massive fake boobs don't even distract me anymore because I'm too busy looking at her ridiculously toned arms good. The Jersey Shore star may not be a personal trainer, but she still knows a thing or two about getting in shape. She recently wrote a few tips on her personal blog about what to do when you wanna slim down fast.

She says that, yes, it does take some serious time to really get in shape, but if you're lookin' for a quick fix, you can cut fried foods, carbs, and sugar (duh) and add in some crunches, cardio, and light weight training.

... I mean, yeah -- she's right technically. But if anything, this is more of a blaring reminder NOT to take workout advice from someone who isn't positive of the right techniques.


Like I said, Jenni looks good. I'm sure she's worked with a whole slew of personal trainers to get her beach body and in the process has learned a thing or two. The fact of the matter is, though, that she isn't a licensed trainer herself. She has no legitimate nutritional background. I just imagine all of these little guidettes wanting to get JWoww's perfect body, drooling over her every word on her blog, and swearing off carbs, sugar, and fried foods for the rest of their lives.

While her thoughts on short term weight loss are pretty spot-on, there's no way her suggested lifestyle is maintainable long term. You're going to have a birthday party, a barbecue, or whatever it may be that you have to go to. When you're there, you'll have to make exceptions. That's when balance comes into play. If you know you're doing a big thing in the afternoon, tone it down in the morning and vice versa.

There's no doubt in my mind that JWoww does that same sorta thing in her day-to-day. Who knows, maybe if you stick to it -- you'll be lookin' like Jenni and STAY that way. I'd say that's worth a fist pump.

What do you think about JWoww giving dieting advice? Would you take it?


Image via MTV

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