What's Zumbier Than Zumba? B.Fab! (VIDEO)

I'll Take That Dare

Season two of I'll Take That Dare just about killed me. TEN fitness dares in under two weeks weren't easy, people! I swung on a trapeze, bounced through NYC in kangoo boots, danced in Times Square, trained like an NFL player, and so much more ...

And I ended things with a class that started out a few years ago as Zumba ... and since then has become something far more intense.

B.Fab is a dance sensation in Nashville, TN that takes Zumba to ELEVEN. Think I've got what it takes to keep up with these fitness diehards? Click through to find out!


I first learned about B.Fab a few years ago when a friend emailed me and told me I HAD to go to a class.

"They have dance-offs with each other and WHISTLES, Lindsay," she said. "WHISTLES."

I was in.

I attended a class and had the time of my life. Yes, it's a bit insider-y and everyone seems like they know each other and hang out together. Yes, much of the class seems to be composed of former cheerleaders and beauty queens. On the other hand, these ladies dance like there's no tomorrow -- and it is a GREAT, fun workout. If you live in Nashville and like to dance, I can't recommend B.Fab enough, and if you don't live in Nashville, well, maybe B.Fab will come to your town someday!

What do you think of B.Fab? Would you try it?

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