Obesity Becomes Even More Depressing & Turns Our Brains to Mush

obeseJust in case it wasn't already abundantly clear that being overweight is really, really bad for your health: According to the latest latest latest study, there's apparently "a strong link between obesity and a faster rate of mental decline." And they're not just talking about a smidge of mental decline, either! At the end of a 10-year-long study, "it was as if the obese group were seven years older" in terms of memory and cognitive skills.

Um, that's kind of a LOT older, right?


Researchers aren't entirely sure why obesity ages the brain at such a rapid rate, though the lack of exercise that generally leads to being overweight probably doesn't help.

Or maybe they're not entirely sure why obesity ages the brain at such a rapid rate because there's not such a "strong link" between the two after all. Every other week it seems like "they" come out with another study predicting some sort of obesity doomsday. Okay, enough!

I'm just worried that eventually these studies are going to result in discrimination. I mean, what if people start getting turned down for jobs based on their weight alone? (Obviously I'm not talking about lifeguards or Chippendales dancers here.) What if all an employer can think when he looks at a potential hire is: Man, look at that gut. This guy's probably losing IQ points as we speak!

Look, I'm not saying people should just go ahead and pack on the pounds with abandon -- obviously that's a bad idea. But we get the point. Now go study something else.

Do you think obesity really makes the brain age faster?


Image via Tony Alter/Flickr

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