10 Hilarious Exercise Excuses We’re All Guilty Of Using

WORKOUT EXCUSESWorking out. Sigh. Sometimes I need it. Most of the time, actually, I crave it. Running, I could go on for hours if I didn't think my family and friends would worry about me not answering my phone. But shoot -- TRUST ME, there are many times I dread it. Actually, dread isn't a strong enough term. Despise, ahhh. That's a tad more fitting.

You've been there, haven't you? Long day, three pizza slices down -- you know you should head to the gym or for a long walk or, shoot, maybe just get off the couch and stretch, but you just can't. Physically. It's impossible. It involves changing. Gathering things. Too much effort already.

So what do we do? Avoid it. Heck, making excuses is SO much easier than putting thoughts to action, ain't it? Yeah it's easy to make excuses when we wanna lose weight, but it's even EASIER to come up with a crock of bull to avoid working out.

Thus I present you with 10 common (and ridiculous) exercise excuses, coming atcha:


1. It rained earlier today. What if rains again when I'm on my run? I don't wanna get trapped! It could ruin my iPhone!

2. I'd go to yoga, but I have my period. I don't want my tampon to go shooting across the room. You know how it is.

3. I have to go to work in four hours. Definitely not enough time to shower beforehand.

4. I'm having a good hair day. Sweat + good hair = not a positive combination. Frizz is SO not worth losing a few pounds.

5. All my good socks and sports bras are in the wash. And my running leggins. Shorts? Heck, I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts.

6. (Insert name of significant other, here) LOVES (insert name of horribly caloric food, here). If I don't have (x) in the house, he'll be upset. I will go to the supermarket and buy it (and half of the store) instead of going to the gym. Just this once.

7. All of the girls at Pilates are thinner than me. I can't be seen at the gym like this. 

8. Suze ditched Zumba. I definitely can't go by myself!

9. My back hurts (insert whiney you should feel bad for me voice).

10. The pants I'm wearing today are feeling big, I'm so in the clear! So what if they're from the maternity section?

OK, so I'm guilty. Do you make excuses, too?


Image via Emily Abbate

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