Planned Parenthood's New Breast Health Program Is Controversy-Free

woman getting a mammogramIn recent months, Planned Parenthood has struggled with being pigeonholed by conservatives as nothing more than an abortion clinic. But now, the organization has taken a serious leap to prove once again that women can and already do rely on them for a variety of other, totally uncontroversial services, like forthcoming expanded breast health care.

Remember back when Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced that they'd be pulling their grants from Planned Parenthood, and everyone flipped out? Then, Planned Parenthood received a surge of donations and promised the dough would go toward preventative breast cancer services and education. Now, they're actually putting the money where their mouth is by using $3 million in donations toward a new breast health initiative!

Here's what the initiative means for women ...


Planned Parenthood has been offering basic breast exams at clinics (and in 2011, provided more than 750K of 'em nationwide), but the organization couldn't fund follow-up care if they spied an suspicious abnormality. Now, thanks to the new initiative, $1 million will be spent ensuring Planned Parenthood's patients can get mammograms, biopsies, and ultrasounds. That's awesome news for women without health insurance or whose health insurance doesn't cover those screenings.

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The additional money is going to be put toward outreach and education efforts aimed at ladies under 40 and Latinas (who have disproportionately high death rates from breast cancer), which sounds like a well thought-out plan.

And get this! They'll also use the funds to introduce an "assessment tool," which will help Planned Parenthood docs better understand each patient's breast cancer risk, so they can get women the care they need faster. Sweet! Who wouldn't benefit from something like that? In fact, regular OB/GYNs might want to consider incorporating something similar into their practices.

All in all, the new services sound nothing short of incredibly beneficial for women who rely on Planned Parenthood for health care. And when it comes to the politics of the initiative, both sides of the aisle have to agree -- there's nothing remotely controversial about going above and beyond to help women prevent breast cancer.  

How do you feel about Planned Parenthood expanding their breast health care?

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