Devastated Mom Hears Dead Son's Heartbeat in Medical 'Miracle' (VIDEO)

It's hard to find any silver lining at all when you're talking about a 16-year-old boy who had two strokes and eventually died of a congenital circulatory malformation. On Christmas Day, no less. But miraculously, the death of teen Caleb Beaver meant life to another human being. Caleb's tremendous gift of organ donation meant that Chuck Shelton, a psychiatrist, now has Caleb's heart. And what happened next is one of the most inspiring and heartbreaking and uplifting things you'll ever hear ...


After the death of her son, April Beaver found herself despairing one night and began to pray. "I asked God to let me have a dream or something,” she told WLOX-TV in Mississippi. “I wanted to feel close to Caleb's heart. I wanted to hear his heart beat."

As if on cue, God -- or at least Chuck Shelton -- answered. The next day, April received an email from him. He was the heart transplant recipient whose life had been saved thanks to Caleb's organ donation. He said he wanted to meet up and thank April in person.

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So Shelton flew into town, and met up with Caleb's family at the airport. Both Shelton and April took out stethescopes, and they listened to Caleb's heart beating in Shelton's chest.

"That's Caleb," his mother said, crying. "That's him," nodded Shelton.

Shelton told April that he now feels even better than he did before he got sick and that Caleb's heart is very strong. April said that heart donation is what Caleb would have wanted.

Organ donation is such an incredible gift. Not only can you save a life from beyond -- but, as in this case, it's sometimes a way for your family to continue to connect with you after death. Both April and Shelton say they feel like they're family now.

In the case of Caleb, he not only saved Chuck Shelton's life, but his donation allowed his mother to hear his heart again. So inspiring. Be warned, this video will make you bawl. But in a good way.

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