Woman Throws Farewell Party for Her Breast Before Mastectomy

pink balloonsThere's no one way to cope with a devastating diagnosis like breast cancer. Still, while the way the disease affects different survivors has been the subject of books, films, and news stories galore, I'd venture to guess you've probably never heard of a woman throwing her left breast a "farewell party" before having a mastectomy. But that's what Daily Mail writer Jodie Butt (who blogs at Adventures of Zomerset Girl) did in the wake of her treatment for Paget's disease, a rare form of breast cancer said to typically affect older women, which struck Jodie at just 32.

She admits that the idea might strike some as "macabre," but the description of her farewell party to her left breast -- which she affectionately refers to as "Lefty" -- sounds like anything but.


Butt's family and friends were super-supportive. One friend even wrote a card to Lefty that read, "Sorry you are leaving." The guests dined rose wine and homemade breast-shaped biscuits and all the women present traded silly stories about their first bras. And most importantly, the farewell party seemed to empower Jodie to fight her cancer with new verve

It's not like she was brushing the upsetting aspect of losing her left breast under the rug, but she faced it head-on, inviting loved ones to join her in doing so. Ultimately, throwing a party like this sounds like the perfect way for some women to cope. Not to mention that at least striving for an optimistic attitude seems to help in a huge way with healing (both physical and emotional).

So more power to Jodie and women who choose to give their "girls" a fun-filled send-off! There's harm in pulling out all the stops when it comes to getting through this challenging battle.

What's your take on women throwing "farewell parties" for their breasts before a mastectomy?


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