'Real Housewives' Star Alexis Bellino's Tips for a Killer Bikini Body

Summer may be winding down, but it's not over yet -- there are still weeks left until Labor Day, and that's only the "unofficial" end of the season. So it's not too late to get that bikini body you want so you can turn heads at the beach or the pool.

And who better to advise you on how to look amazing in a two-piece than a sexy Real Housewife?

Here are some easy tips for getting that rockin' bikini body from Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino. Take notes!


To keep that gorgeous bikini body of hers, Bellino follows four easy rules. These rules, she explains, can be adopted by women of any age! Let's hear what she has to say ...

1) Make sure to exercise. Bellino explains that everyone needs to have some type of exercise plan or workout schedule to keep fit, happy, and healthy. Besides, exercise releases those pleasure chemicals in our brains, the endorphins, which can give us that special glow.

2) Everything -- everything -- in moderation. That goes from junk food and alcohol to everything in between. It's a really smart and healthy way to keep yourself from overindulging or denying yourself the things you crave.

3) Close your kitchen after 5 or 6 p.m. We burn off our food earlier in the day, and eating late at night means the calories sit in your gut ... and turn into fat.

4) Get thee away from processed foods! Bellino is adamant about staying away from processed foods. Not only are they full of nasty preservatives and other chemicals you don't want in your body, the best type of diet is made up of foods that are organic, low in fat, and high in protein and fiber. Processed foods = Twinkies, which apparently never go bad. That can't be good!

What other diet tips can you think to add to Alexis Bellino's simple four steps to a banging bikini body?


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