You’ll Never Guess What Chocolate Can (Maybe) Do This Time!

dark chocolateHey, is everybody ready for some breaking health news? Okay, hold on to your hats! Cause this one's a shocker! Here goes: Turns out chocolate ... might actually be good for you. WHO KNEW?!

Oh yeah ... everybody. Sorry, but I had to get your attention there. Because even though the chocolate-as-superfood novelty has worn off a bit, researchers just keep on finding more and more reasons for us to eat it -- particularly dark chocolate. So far, studies have suggested that dark chocolate might help people to ward off obesity, depression, cardiovascular disease, migraines, and the evil eye. (Maybe not really the evil eye.)

But wait, there's more!


According to yet another study, eating dark chocolate every day "may improve thinking abilities in people with mild cognitive impairment," a "condition in which people have problems with memory or thinking that go beyond the normal age-related decline but don't interfere with their daily activities."

Whoa. This is a pretty big deal, because even though this study was conducted on elderly patients and I still have some years to go before I get to cash in on any sweet senior citizen discounts, I totally have problems with memory and/or thinking! I must have early-onset mild cognitive impairment! Guess I better write myself a prescription for some dark chocolate to go along with that self-diagnosis, huh?

Especially since the study was funded by Mars. You know, the candy company. I mean, you've gotta figure they know a lot about chocolate ... hey, wait a minute.

Perhaps this subtle connection is why some experts are skeptical of the cognitive improvement claim. Oh well. Either way, dark chocolate is still chock full of health-boosting flavanols. And as American Heart Association spokesperson Rachel K. Johnson noted, "While the relationship [between dark chocolate and cognitive function] should be studied further, there is no harm in adding flavanols to a diet."

So, eat some dark chocolate. Because it's probably good for something. Plus, it's chocolate.

Do you eat dark chocolate because it's good for you? Or because it's just plain good?


Image via Lee McCoy/Flickr

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