Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds's Workout Secret Is the Key to an Amazing Body

matthew mcconaughey camila alvesLet's face it: Working out can be such a total drag. Some days it's super-tough to get moving -- unless, of course, you have an exercise buddy who can be counted on to drag your lazy self off the couch when you're in a reality TV coma. Why not partner up with ... your partner? Celeb couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively hit the gym as a pair; so do Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves (and they're all in pretty amazing shape!).

There are all kinds of perks to working out as a couple, and I'm not even talking about the boost in bonding or any of that relationship stuff. I'm talking about exercise-related benefits only. Here's how taking your significant other to the gym can help you get fitter faster:


1. You're more likely to try new things. Stuck in a rut? Maybe your guy will convince you to try a spinning class. Maybe you'll convince him to try Pilates. Like how you turned him on to Indian food and he introduced you to Moroccan, except with exercise.

2. You'll save money. Most gyms offer promotional deals when you sign up with a spouse or partner -- sometimes those discounts are huge! No more "we can't afford to go to the gym" excuses!

3. You'll get a way better stretch. You know when you're in a yoga class and the teacher comes along and presses down on your back (or wherever) and you're like, Oh, that's how a downward dog is supposed to feel? Assisted stretching rocks.

4. You're less likely to get bored. Hey, a little friendly competition never hurt anybody! Up the stakes by challenging each other from time to time ("Bet I can do more reps/run more miles/swim more laps than you!").

5. You'll keep each other in line. Literally! Working out with your partner means having somebody there to check your form. Performing exercises correctly doesn't just prevent injuries, it makes them more effective.

Do you ever hit the gym with your honey?


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