The Latest Superbug Is a Super-Scary STD

the clapHope you picked up one of those free vibrators before the sex toy giveaway got shut down, because sex just got scarier than ever: The latest disease to achieve "superbug" status is -- suprise! -- gonorrhea. Apparently the STD has slowly grown resistant to EVERY antibiotic used to treat it except for one (injections of the ceftriaxone, followed up with oral doses of either zithromycin or doxycycline), and it's only a "matter of time" before that stops working, too. At which point, theoretically, lots more people will be forced to deal with nasty consequences including infertility, increased susceptibility to HIV, and even death.

Considering approximately 700,000 Americans contract gonorrhea every year, this is kind of really bad news. (Yikes, maybe we really SHOULD give up those bikini waxes!)


So how are people supposed to protect themselves from this new bionic strain of gonorrhea (besides growing 70's porn star-style pubes)? Perhaps you've heard of these nifty little devices called condoms? Look, you know the drill. Unprotected sex = bad times, especially now. But until somebody invents a magical multi-purpose STD vaccine, well, that's that.

Incidentally, what doctors really need somebody to invent are new antibiotics to replace the ones that don't work anymore, but unfortunately, "their short-term usage makes them less appealing to pharmaceutical companies than drugs that must be taken over the course of a lifetime."

Or, in other words, pharmaceutical companies don't want to waste time making drugs that won't make them enormous profits. (Thanks, guys!)

Clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off ... The Clap is back!

Do antibiotic-resistant superbugs scare you?


Image via Eric E Castro/Flickr

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