'Hunger Games' Star Elizabeth Banks Gets Personal in Planned Parenthood Ad (VIDEO)

elizabeth banksElizabeth Banks may have made us laugh in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and 30 Rock and impressed us with her portrayal of Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games, but now she's been cast in a whole different kind of role: herself. In a new political ad, Banks talks about how at one time, she relied on Planned Parenthood for her most essential health care.

In a totally awesome, slightly self-deprecating way, Banks explains how she went to Planned Parenthood for birth control, but it was for her "massive migraine headaches" and "heavy flow." Oh yes! She actually talks about her heavy flow -- and how, no, that's not something she feels she should have to talk to her employer about. (Damn straight.) She also goes on to express her disillusionment with presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney's stance on the organization ...


Being that only 3 percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortion services (Banks mistakenly cites it as 5 percent), the actress shakes her head at Romney's vow to "get rid of" the remaining percent of what Planned Parenthood offers women, which is made up of crucial health services.

He's going to take away cancer screenings. What is he doing? He's going to take away people's access to health care close by ... We're talking about working-class ladies who need health care.

So, so true! Check it out in its entirety:

I absolutely love that Elizabeth Banks is speaking out like this, being so candid, and doing what she can to make women aware that this is -- for better or worse -- an issue in this year's election. We really do have to ask ourselves if the candidate we're supporting is unflagging in his support of women's rights, which includes access the comprehensive health care that Planned Parenthood provides. As Banks notes, our best choice is incredibly clear. 

How do you feel about Elizabeth Banks's ad?

Image via BarackObamadotCom/YouTube

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