Jessica Simpson Trades Her Weekend Cocktail for This Weight Loss Drink

Jessica SimpsonEveryone's getting all up on Jessica Simpson because she's not a skinny stick just three months after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell. Yeah yeah, she's got this massive contract with Weight Watchers but come ON -- the woman needs to get things done on her own time, and learn what's right for her. I'm sure the last thing Simpson wants is the 70 pounds she gained during pregnancy to sneak back up on her. 

What's one step she's taking in the right direction? Well, the 32-year-old momma recently tweeted that she's traded in one her fave beverages, scotch, for water on Saturday nights.

Sounds pretty easy, right? It's a small swap to make, but it's big. Heck, upping your water intake when trying to shed pounds can make a massive difference.


The benefits to drinking more water during your day-to-day are more than awesome (and it costs you nothing!). When you drink a lot of water, you tend to get fuller faster. For me, if I drink two full glasses of H2O before a big meal, I tend to eat less. Water also helps energize muscles and maintain normal bowel function. And seriously, who doesn't want both of those things? Want ANOTHER added bonus? Hello clearer skin! Shoot, why don't we just rename water to "the most vital bev ever" and call it a day? Oh right, because water is much quicker to say. Noted.

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So how can normal Nancies like you and me up our water intake without feeling forced? My biggest tip -- invest in some sort of reusable container that has a straw. It may sound silly, but having the straw makes sippin' super simple, and you'll start to chug down the H2O effortlessly. Also, set goals for yourself throughout the day. Make it a priority to finish two large cups before lunch, another two before dinner, and a final two before bed. At first you may feel the hassle, especially if you're not used to it. Soon enough, though, drinking water throughout the day will be second nature and hopefully -- you'll see the results.

Do you drink enough water?


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